Gender: Female Meaning of Primavera: "spring" Origin of Primavera: Italian

Primavera Origin and Meaning

The name Primavera is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "spring".

A bit syllable-heavy, but a pretty name for a springtime baby.

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Primavera's International Variations

Primevère (French)


Floris Says:


I think it depends on where one lives? where I live pasta primavera isn't really a thing (and yes, Italian happens to be one of the official languages in the country I live in....). This Name actually made me think of Vivaldi...
But I'd only use it as a 2nd name, tbh.

autumnreverie Says:


Another name that makes me hungry.

lizway Says:


sorry, i immediately thought of pasta, too. ugh

Zelliew Says:


Sorry I automatically pictured an Italian menu

otheralix Says:


what kid would know anything about Primavera, as it's used in the US? Pasta primavera isn't actually an Italian dish so even italian speaking children wouldn't associate it with that.

potterhead140 Says:


To be honest, when i first saw this name I laughed so hard, I mean come on, what kid would not make fun of the name Primavera? XD

JessicaRK467 Says:


Primavera with her brother Alfredo

rie Says:


This doesn't make me think of pasta. Neither does the name Penny. / _ /
If anything 'primadonna' or 'primadonna ballerina' phrases come to mind. Which I don't care that much about because how often are those (pretty) words used anyhow? Also makes me think of M&tD's song 'Primadonna Girl.'
I love the nn's Prim(my), Prima, Rimmy/Rima, Vee, and Vera for this name. Vera I always thought was such a beautiful name, especially after Vera Farmiga, and I like it like Rita, but always thought it was too short. But this name - such great nn potential. And the meaning - WOW! Awesome. I'm honestly Suprised that names like Persephone are super popular, and names like this are mocked! They're both great, and this name's meaning is slightly more pleasant. Feminine, flowery choice, less mythological. It sounds very universal. Hope this gets more common. I'd like to hear it more often.

Meisch Says:



Artemis95 Says:


You're pronouncing it correctly, for the most part. There are actually two possible places for the emphasis to fall in this word, depending on the language you're taking it from. I assume you're being influenced by the Italian language, seeing as you are using the Italian pronunciation for this word, pree-muh-VARE-uh. The Spanish pronunciation of this word places the emphasis on both the first and third syllable, or sometimes just the first, depending on someone's accent, so either PREE-muh-VARE-uh or PREE-muh-vare-uh. The word primavera has the same meaning in both Spanish and Italian: Spring. I like the name, but seeing as I speak both Spanish and Italian, in addition to my native English, I immediately associate the name with its literal meaning. Other native English speakers likely would not make this immediate association, as you see by the responses above. It's OK if you don't mind this, but it's a name that may require constant explanations to monolingual people.

jordalini Says:


pasta primavera

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Makes me think of Prima donna 😶

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


That's how I say it, but I may be wrong

raevynstar Says:


pree-muh-VARE-uh, I think, but I'm not sure.

Meisch Says:


How is this pronounced? PRIM-uh-VEER-a? Prim-AH-ver-uh?

raevynstar Says:


This name makes me think of chicken....not a great namesake.