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Gender: Female Meaning of Odile: "prospers in battle" Origin of Odile: French variation of German Otthild

The name Odile is a girl's name of French origin meaning "prospers in battle". Odile and is often added to lists like Cool Girl Names From Around the World and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

From the experts:

Odette's evil Swan Lake twin -- gives the name a sinuous, sensuous appeal.

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Famous People Named Odile

Saint Odile of Alsace (8th century), French abbess of Hohenburg
Odile Versois (born Étiennette de Poliakoff-Baydaroff), French actress
Odile Decq, French architect
Odile Crick, British artist and wife of biologist Francis Crick who drew the double helix structure of DNA
Odile Gilbert, French hairstylist
Odile Rodin, French actress and final wife of Porfirio Rubirosa
(Eone) Odile Harington, South African revolutionary

Pop Culture References for the name Odile

Hurricane Odile (2014)
Odile Church, a main character in Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry

Udilia, Udelia, Odolia, Udile, Odilia, Odila


Fluffykitten101 Says:


Truly an ugly name. As PP stated, it sounds like a cross between odour and vile. Also, the association with Swan Lake's evil twin isn't good. I found her character so annoying when I was younger watching the barbie movie.

CherryBomb50 Says:


If someone with bad vision came across this name, they might misread it as "oldie". Which is why I hate this name. (Just kidding, I'm just not feeling the vibe)

Floris Says:


I mean, Elizabeth apparently means my God is an oath... I like a name with some spirituality. But "oath"? I don't know, it makes me feel as if I was pledging my daughter to God. Which feels to me a bit like promising my future daughter to the Rumpelstilzchen or the fairy Queen...

EW314 Says:


No, I get that. As a non-religious person, I tend to be put off by overtly religious meanings, too - it feels a bit hypocritical, in a way. Ex: Ariadne, which (though the name of an ancient goddess/figure and not Christian) means "most holy". I don't think meaning alone would be enough to entirely deter me, though.

Floris Says:


I guess that may just be the case for somebody whose first language is English...

I want to like the name Elizabeth. I love the sound, the history & the nns. But I struggle with the meaning. It feels as if I were to take a choice away from my daughter (I'm probably being too dramatic, but yeah).

EW314 Says:


I know how it's supposed to be pronounced, but unfortunately the odour/vile thing is what springs to mind when I see/hear this name. It's one of those names I really wish I liked, though, if that makes sense? It feels elegant and unusual, and my reasons for disliking it feel silly and trivial, but I just don't!

Floris Says:


The French pronounciation is actually o-deeLL. The O a bit like in Orchid.
I know a girl named like that; it suits her very well and most people seem to like the name. However, I do see how this name might be a bit problematic in an English speaking country...

EW314 Says:


A cross between "odour" and "vile". Dislike.

lesliemarion Says:


Named after the bad swan… really?

bowtiful Says:


All I can think of is crocODILE