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Gender: F Meaning of Nolwenn: "shining, holy" Origin of Nolwenn: Welsh

Nolwenn is popular in Wales but would be a very adventurous choice in the US. Though with the increased visibility of names like Arwen, thanks to Lord of the Rings, it may not feel as odd going forward as it might have a generation ago. Other, similar ideas: Olwen, Anwen, Bronwen, Rowena.

There is a Saint Nolwenn who was the daughter of a 6th century prince of Cornwall; Nolwenn Leroy is a popular French singer.

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Famous People Named Nolwenn

Nolwén Armand-Delille (1922-1989), daughter of American heiress Alice de Janzé

Pop Culture References for the name Nolwenn

***Actually a Breton name (not Welsh), literally "Saint Noyale" - see

Nolwen, Nolwyn, Nolwin