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Gender: F Meaning of Minette: "faithful defender" Origin of Minette: French

Frenchified name rarely used in France. And perhaps even more rarely used in the US -- there were NO baby girls given the name on the official records of 2014.

Famous People Named Minette

Minette, nickname for Princess Henrietta of England, daughter of Charles I
Minette, 18th-century Haitian stage artist of duo Minette et Lise
Minette Walters, English crime novelist

Pop Culture References for the name Minette

Minette, main character in Eva Ibbotson's "Island of the Aunts"
Minette, Jamaican girl in "Brother Man" by Roger Mais
Minette, fashion designer in the Nancy Drew PC game "Danger by Design"
Loveday Minette, character in "The Little White Horse" (1946) by Elizabeth Goudge
Minetta Brook, underground stream in New York City
Female cat, slang with sexual innuendo for female reproductive parts, diminutive of the French word "minerai" (ore) a type of iron ore mined between Lorraine and Luxembourg

Minnette, Minnita