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Gender: Female Meaning of Letitia: "joy, gladness" Origin of Letitia: Latin

The name Letitia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "joy, gladness". Letitia and is often added to lists like Old Lady Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Girls Makeover - Two Middles".

From the experts:

Letitia is a delicate, once prim and proper sounding name whose staid image has been unbuttoned by numerous phonetic spellings. The original, often used in Spanish-speaking families, would still make an attractive, delicate choice. After a solid century on the Top 1000 list, Letitia fell off in the early 1980s and has not yet returned.

Letitia has a First Lady heritage, as the wife of President John Tyler. Letitia Baldridge, White House social secretary to Jacqueline Kennedy, was often known as Tish. These days, most parents would prefer the sweet, gold-locket pet forms Letty or Lettie.

Spelled Laetitia, she was the Roman goddess of celebration, happiness and gaiety. The name appeared in the form Lettice in medieval England.

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Famous People Named Letitia

Letitia Christian Tyler, U.S. First Lady as wife of President John Tyler
Letitia Green Stevenson, wife of U.S. Vice President Adlai E. Stevenson I
Letitia Michelle Wright, Guyanese-British actress
Letitia "Tish" Baldrige, American etiquette expert and White House secretary
Letitia Jane Dean, English actress
Letitia Elizabeth Landon, English poet and novelist
Letitia James, American political activist, New York City Public Advocate
Letitia Alma Vriesde, Surinamese sprinter
Letitia Marion Hamilton, Irish painter
Letitia Chitty, English engineer
Letitia Gwynne, Irish TV journalist
Letitia Woods Brown, American researcher and academic
Letitia MacTavish Hargrave, Scottish-Canadian fur trader and diarist
Letitia Youmans, Canadian temperance leader

Pop Culture References for the name Letitia

Letitia, character in "Sadie Rocks: Happiness and All That Stuff" by Karen McCombie
Jane Letitia Penderwick, character in the Penderwicks series by Jeanne Birdsall
Letitia Ketterley "Aunt Letty," character in the Chronicles of Narnia series
"Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter," DC Comics story by Kyle Baker
Letitia Prism, a character in Oscar Wilde's play "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Letitia, Missy's mother in the film "Surviving Christmas"
Letitia M. Slighcarp, recurring villain in Joan Aiken's "Wolves Chronicles" books

Letitia's International Variations

Ticha, Latisha, Alaricia, Eleticia, Leticia, Laiticia, Liticia (Spanish) Letizia (Italian) Letja (Dutch)


Kjh446 Says:


I'm European and I have french friends with this name and they pronounce it LEH- TEE- ZIA which I think is much nicer than La- tee-sha which sounds very americanised in my opinion.

paulapuddephatt Says:


It's pretty, but I can only think of Letitia Dean from "EastEnders" (Sharon), because I have never really heard it used on anyone else. She's awesome, just have a hard time associating the name with anyone other than her.

EvaThyssen Says:


The Spanish variation is Leticia, not Liticia.

Letitia Markey Says:


I love the Intro on this name, thank you so much. This name is pronounced La-tee-sha. My family is polish and so we are given Latin or polish names. Letitia is Latin, this the spelling. However this name has been misspelled, and freely given by ignorant uneducated people, often many assuming it is a "black name" that is both racists and stupid on their part. It is Latin, referenced in the back of a Catholic Bible. Though popular in the black community for its sound, it is often abused.
Growing up I was called tesh for short, in my adult years L or Lettie. Lettie love by those very close. It is an old name, and only ignorant people are the ones that can't comphrend it. I often repeat my name, but as its uniqueness I know when I am being referenced and my true friends took the time to learn to spell it.
Other Letitia's:
Fast and Furious Lettie, leticia Ortiz
Letitia Cyrus, wife to Billy Ray mom to Miley
Laetitia Costa super model from France

JazzieJonez Says:


This name is super pretty. Not every name has to be "cute".

stellablue Says:


Cute nickname Lettie makes this name more usable