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Gender: M Meaning of Laban: "white" Origin of Laban: Hebrew

An Old Testament name used by the Puritans, less well known than female relatives Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah and as deserving of revival.

Famous People Named Laban

Laban, Biblical father of Rachel and Leah; father-in-law of Jacob
Laban Coblentz, American technology author, educator and adviser
Laban Wheaton, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts

Pop Culture References for the name Laban

Laban Tall, a farmhand in Far from the Madding Crowd (1874) by Thomas Hardy
Laban, the little ghost who wouldn't haunt, from Swedish children's books and cartoons. In English, he is known as the Little Ghost Godfrey

Leban, Labon, Lebaan, Lavan, Laeb, Labe

Laban's International Variations

Liban (Hawaiian)