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Gender: M Origin of Kool: Word name

Undoubtedly there's a parent out there who sees this as the ultimate cool name. It's anything but.

Famous People Named Kool

Elvis Kool Dumervil, American NFL football player
Kool Keith (Thornton), American rapper
Kool Herc (born Clive Campbell), Jamaican-American DJ
Kool Kojak (born Allan Grigg), Brazilian-American songwriter & producer
Kool Savas (Yurderi), German rapper
Robert "Kool" Bell, American lead singer of Kool & The Gang

Pop Culture References for the name Kool

Kool, brand of menthol cigarettes
Kool & The Gang, American jazz, R&B, soul, funk & disco group
Kool Gold, former name of Classic Hits, oldie music radio station
Kool Ka Lang, comedy show in the Phillipines
Cool Buckman, character in the film "Parenthood"