Keyvan Origin and Meaning

Variation of Kevin

Famous People Named Keyvan

  • This name is not a variation of Kevin. It is a Persian name meaning "Saturn".
  • Keyvan ShahbaziDutch,Iranian cultural psychologist and publicist.
  • Keyvan Ansarian Iranian student leader and political activist
  • Keyvan Eliasiehbar,candidate, criminal rights activist, and prominent disc jockey
  • Kayvon Fatahalianan American computer graphics researcher and Professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Keyvan JenkinsAmerican footballer
  • Kayvan MirhadiIranian composer
  • Kayvan MirhadiIranian composer
  • Kayvan ShahrokniCanadian athlete
  • Kayvan NajarianIranian scientist
  • Keyvan NourhaghighiSenior Iranian Air Force Officer. Holding "Major" rank, officially called Major Keyvan Nourhaghighi, is Fighter Pilot of F,86, F,5 and F,4; the Human Rights activist, writer and translator
  • Kayvan Novaka British Iranian television actor
  • Adrian Kayvan Pasdaran American actor and film director
  • Keywan RiahiAustrian Scientist at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  • Kayvon ZahediCanadian ac
  • Keivan Shahabian American attorney

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