Katinka Origin and Meaning

Variation of Catherine

20 Names Similar to Katinka

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Famous People Named Katinka

  • Katinka Naessdaughter of mountaineer Arne Naess
  • Katinka HosszúHungarian swimmer

Katinka in Pop Culture

  • Katinka IngabogovinananaMilla Jovovich's character in "Zoolander"
  • Katinka van de Veldea Dutch Governor's wife, in Wilbur Smith's Birds of Prey
  • "Katinka" 1988 film directed by Max von Sydow and its main character
  • "Katinka" a 1915 operetta by Otto Harbach and Rudolf Friml and its main character
  • "Katinka" song by Dutch group De Spelbrekers
  • Katinka (or Katen'ka) is a diminutive form of the Russian Ekaterina. This particular form is intimate and often used for small children.

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