Spanish, feminine form of Javier, Spanish version of Xavier
"new house, bright"

Javiera Origin and Meaning

The name Javiera is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "new house, bright".
Javiera, pronounced ha-vee-AIR-a, is not as well used as twin brother JAVIER, but makes an attractive Latina choice.

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Famous People Named Javiera

  • Francisca Xaviera Eudoxia Rudecinda Carmen de los Dolores "Javiera" de la Carrera (y Verdugo)Chilean revolutionary
  • Javiera Alejandra MenaChilean pop singer
  • Javiera ContadorChilean actress
  • Javiera Margarita Odija Ubal MuñozSwedish pop singer
  • Javiera Díaz de ValdésChilean actress
  • Javiera SalcedoArgentine swimmer
  • Javiera ParraChilean pop singer

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