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Gender: F Pronunciation: ee-oh-ah-nah Origin of Ioanna: Greek variation of Joanna

Ioanna may be an original spin on the Joanna family, but American tongues may have trouble wrapping themselves around all its vowels. Ioanna is pronounced ee-oh-ah-nah.

Famous People Named Ioanna

Ioanna Soulioti, Greek model and TV personality ("Real Housewives of Athens")
Ioanna Chatziioannou, Greek Olympic weightlifter
Ioanna "Joan" Sfekas-Karvelas, Greek-American operatic soprano
Ioanna Karystiani, Greek screenwriter
Giannoula "Ioanna" Kafetzi, Greek Olympic sprinter
Ioanna Roumeliotis, Canadian TV journalist

Pop Culture References for the name Ioanna

Ioana, Ioanah, Yohanna, Joanna, Ioanna, Ioani, Ioannah