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Gender: F Meaning of Hulda: "sweet, lovable" Origin of Hulda: Hebrew

Hilda with a stuffed nose.

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Famous People Named Hulda

Hulda Garborg, Norwegian novelist, playwright, poet, and dancer
Hulda Kamboi Shipanga, pioneering Namibian nurse
Hulda Berger, American figure skater
Hulda Hoehn Crooks, American mountaineer

Pop Culture References for the name Hulda

Hulda Hustawick, main character in opera "Hulda" by César Franck
The origin of Mother Goose is almost certainly the Central European Goddess Holda (Hulda). Night-flying wild geese were believed to be Holda and her spirit companions flying through the sky... During the witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries a number of accused witches confessed to taking part in these flights, specifically mentioning Holda by name.

Huldah, Huldie