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Gender: F Origin of Gidget: Modern invented name

Gidget was the surfer girl who started it all. She was the subject of six novels by Frederick Kohner, and the 1959 film in which she made her theatrical debut, starring Sandra Dee, helped make surfing a popular sport.

Today, her name feels fun, sunny and retro. Or rather, her nickname: the character's given name was Franzie, Gidget was her nom de surf, formed by combining "girl" and "midget."

Famous People Named Gidget

Kathy "Gidget" Kohner, American surfer who inspired the film and TV series "Gidget," based on books by her father Frederick Kohner
Gidget Gein, stage name of Bradley Mark Stewart, American male drummer for Marilyn Manson

Pop Culture References for the name Gidget

Frances "Gidget" Lawrence, main character in "Gidget," 1959 film and TV series