Georges Popularity

Lists containing Georges

Famous People Named Georges

  • GeorgesPierre Seurat, French painter
  • Georges Jacques DantonFrench Revolutionary figure
  • Georges MélièsFrench illusionist and filmmaker
  • Georges BraqueFrench painter
  • Georges NiangAmerican basketball player
  • (Joseph) Georges Gonzague VézinaCanadian ice hockey player
  • Georges Jean Franz KöhlerGerman biologist, winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric "Georges" CuvierFrench naturalist
  • Alexandre César Léopold "Georges" BizetFrench composer
  • Jerzy "Georges" CharpakFrench physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Georges de La Tour17th,century French Baroque painter

Georges in Pop Culture

  • Georgesmain character in "Liar and Spy" by Rebecca Stead
  • Pronunciation: (zh'orzh) as in the "g" in "mirage"

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