Gender: Female Meaning of Gaylene: "my father rejoices", "healer, calm" Origin of Gaylene: Hebrew, short form of Abigail, Greek

Gaylene Origin and Meaning

Variation of Gail

Variation of Galen

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Gayle Flores Says:


I don't think it's the only redeeming factor....origin is from name "Abigail" and the "ene" ending is a nice feminine ending for a name. :) Also, as a first name it has a joyful sound to it.

Gayle Flores Says:


Why "too much"?? At least it's not a name that's really odd for a human, like "Apple," "Dream, " or "North."

Gayle Flores Says:


I've grown to like it. I hope "Shishi" isn't your real name - not the best name in the world.....just saying.

Gayle Flores Says:


Kind of harsh. That's my name and believe it or not, I get compliments on it.

Gayle Flores Says:


"Taylene" sounds odd, just my opinion. At least "Gaylene" ties in to "Gayle." Would "Taylene" tie in to "Tayle"? Lol. "Jaylene" makes me think of a boy, as in "Jay" - just my thought.

Gayle Flores Says:


I think it's a pretty name with the original meaning of "gay" as "happy." But society now uses the word "gay" for sexual orientation so the name is thought of with that connotation.

unicornluvgirl Says:


Don't be sorry! It's not like it's a bad word or anything. I think Taylene is pretty.

pamjsg99 Says:


My mother's name is Fayalene. She pronounces it Fay-lene, but my grandmother calls her Fay-ah-lene. There are many other "aylene" names. How about Ailene / Aylene / Ayleen? I would stay away from Gaylene if you leave in the U.S.

Vespertinerose Says:


Well, the original meaning of Gay, a happy person, is the only redeeming factor to this name, because the association of the word "gay," today, carries on its shoulders and entirely different association. This is certainly one of those names that would be used as a middle to honor someone worthy of great respect and you love deeply.

Shishi Says:


Maybe you can try Gailene? Still not the best name in the world...

Shishi Says:


I agree with CocoWhite

Giinkies Says:


I prefer Gail or the alternate spelling of Gayle. Gaylene seems like too much.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Reminds me of geometry. .. . Scalene triangles

CocoWhite Says:


I'm so sorry to point this out, but that "gay" beginning just jumps out at me every time. It's all I can see/hear. Maybe try a slight variation like Taylene or Jaylene or something.