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Gender: M Meaning of Fenton: "marsh town" Origin of Fenton: English

Fenton is the kind of surname name that's starting to sound almost like a normal first name these days. While it made a brief appearance on the Top 1000 in the late 1800s, today it's distinctive but in step with the times. And Fen as a nickname is undeniably cute -- a Ben of the future.

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Famous People Named Fenton

Hyron Fenton, American rapper
Fenton Bailey, producer and director
Fenton the labrador

Pop Culture References for the name Fenton

Fenton - name of the dog in the viral YouTube video, 'Jesus Christ in Richmond Park'.
Fenton Hardy: the Hardy Boys' dad.
Fenton Crackshell - Gizmoduck's alter ego in "DuckTales"
Daniel "Danny" Fenton-main character in Nickelodean's "Danny Phantom"
Jasmin "Jazz" Fenton- Sister of Daniel 'Danny' Fenton on Danny Phantom
Jack and Maddie Fenton- Parents of Jazz and Danny Fenton on Danny Phantom
Fenton O'Connell–Detective Kevin Ryan's Irish mob alias on the TV series "Castle"