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Gender: F Origin of Erma: Variation of Irma

Once, believe it or not, seemed more stylish than Irma.

Famous People Named Erma

Erma Louise Bombeck, American journalist and author
Erma Vernice Franklin, American R&B singer, sister of Aretha Franklin
Erma M. Bergmann, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League pitcher
Erma Perham Proetz, American ad exec; first woman inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame

Pop Culture References for the name Erma

Erma Felna, character in comic book series "Erma Felna: EDF" by Steve Gallacci

Irminie, Irminia, Irma, Hermine, Hermia, Erminia, Erminie, Herminie, Ermelinda, Hermione, Ermina