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Gender: M Pronunciation: EE-loy Meaning of Eloi: "the chosen" Origin of Eloi: Spanish from the Latin Eligius

Could be misunderstood outside the Hispanic culture.

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Famous People Named Eloi

Eloi Amagat, Spanish footballer
Eloi Baribeau, Canadian businessman and politician
Éloi Guillemette, Canadian politician
Éloi Johanneau, French philologist
Eloi Metullus, Haitian Olympic sport shooter
Éloi Meulenberg, Belgian road bicycle racer
Éloi Pélissier, French rugby league player
Elói Schleder, Brazilian long-distance runner
Elói Silva, Portuguese footballer
Eloi Tassin, rench road bicycle racer
Eloi Charlemagne Taupin, French general in the Napoleonic Wars

Pop Culture References for the name Eloi

Eloi, futuristic race in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine"

In French, the name is usually written with an accent, "Éloi", and pronounced like "ay-lwa".


Eloi's International Variations

Alois (Czech) Eligio (Spanish)