Gender: Female Origin of Elliotte: Feminine form of Elliot

Elliotte Origin and Meaning

The name Elliotte is a girl's name .

There's more than one reason why parents might consider this rising name for a daughter. George Eliot was the pen name of English writer Mary Ann Evans, one of the leading authors of the Victorian era. The possibility of nickname Ellie is another factor.

Girls have been given all possible spellings, including Eliot, Elliot, and Elliott. Lately Elliotte has emerged as a possible feminine form, used almost exclusively for girls in the US. The -otte ending mimics Charlotte; Eliotte is also occasionally found.

Eliette is sometimes seen in France.

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Sapphire Says:


i like this name on a girl, but i feel if i say to people hey im pregnant they would say oh cool! what's its name eliot ahhh! your having a BOY thats what im afraid is going to happen

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I hate boy names on girls, but I support feminisations. My problem with this particular choice, however, is that it's still very much a male name. Traditional feminisations such as Jamesina, Bernadette and Ottoline are clearly very different to their male counterparts James, Bernard and Otto - not just in terms of looks, but through pronunciation as well. Elliotte, on the other hand, is visually near identical to Elliott, and is unlikely to be said any differently which, as far as I'm concerned, defeats the purpose of a feminisation.

If Elliotte were to be pronounced unanimously as "Ellie-OTT", then I wouldn't actually have a problem with it. If Ellia and Elliana were to be adopted as 'official' feminisations, I'd be cool with that. And if other feminine variations such as Elliottie, Elliettie, Ellietta and Elliotta were to be used, I'd 100% support that and would be more than happy to see people using them. But Elliotte (being pronounced exactly like Elliott) is not a feminisation, and thus I do not support it.

impwood Says:


But if that's your argument, it applies to all the names for which feminine versions have been coined by copying the construction of those borrowed from other languages, over the course of history. Edwina is the feminised form of Anglo-Saxon Edwin, but putting an -a on the end of a name in Anglo-Saxon certainly doesn't make it feminine! Is it nothing but a misspelt male name, too?

RoddyThlayli Says:


I'm not saying I agree with it, just that it's something people do.

autumnreverie Says:


Again, misspelling masculine names don't make them feminine.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I'm not saying it does, just that it's a possible explanation. People "feminize" boys names all the time-- Emersyn instead of Emerson, Charleigh instead of Charlie, Loganne instead of Logan. I think it's mostly to clear up gender confusion-- if someone came across someone named Elliotte on a list, they'd be more likely to assume it was a girl than a boy.

autumnreverie Says:


Okay, but it's not a French name and adding a French feminine suffix doesn't make it a feminine name or legit.

impwood Says:


People have as much right to feminise male names now as they did in the nighteenth century, or in ancient times...and yes, copying the formation of Charlotte from Charlot DOES count as feminising a name.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I'd say because it resembles the -ette ending found in many feminine names, or because it looks like Charlotte.

autumnreverie Says:


None of those are originally female names. You need to do more research.

autumnreverie Says:


Please tell me how this is a feminine spelling?

autumnreverie Says:


How does misspelling a name make it feminine? English is a language where there aren't feminine or masculine letters. So, adding an "E" to Elliott doesn't make it feminine.

Bassilly Says:


While I would never use it, I don't mind Elliot on a girl. Elliotte looks like ell-ee-oat tho, which I do not like.

issy_71 Says:


i agree with alyssum. IlianaRene i LOVE the name Avery for a girl!

issy_71 Says:


similar to Charlie to Charlotte. Eliiot to Elliotte. it looks dainty.

McCharlie Says:


But Elliott is not gender neutral. Using Elliott on a girl doesn't help to fight gender stereotypes. It's more sexist than anything else actually.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I don't personally love this name for girls, but regarding the debate about whether it is a male name or unisex - to me, this spelling, which I am guessing is still pronounced as per Elliott, is a feminine spelling. I sure wouldn't use it for a boy. In that way, the case is surely more like Francis and Frances, or Leslie and Lesley, than anything from to Toby to Charlotte and Erica, and the various example quoted in the comments section? And, for the record - I can't stand seeing Francis or Leslie used for girls.

eveyalecia Says:


So do you think that Charlotte sounds harsh for a girl, considering that it has the same "tt" sound?

eveyalecia Says:


Seconding what RoddyThlayli said-- none of those are examples of originally feminine names. However, I agree with the sentiment that names that become associated with femininity shouldn't preclude those names from being given to boys.

RoddyThlayli Says:


Most of those were masculine or at least unisex to begin with, not feminine.

beachbear Says:


The real question is why a name becomes "unusable" for a boy just because some girls' parents gave it to them?

Amari, Angel, Arti, Donnie, Frankie, Ashton, Carey, Cruz, Cortney, Darian, Deon, Lashawn, Dominique, Dusty, Germaine, Jaime, Jan, Jean, Kai, Kris, Lavon, Phoenix, Shawn, Toby, and Theo were all originally female names, now used predominantly for males. No one says they are now "unusable" for girls the way people act like boy-gone-girl names have "cooties" or something.

Wittyusername103 Says:


Yes but why?

-EagleEyes- Says:


I love Scrubs! I do still prefer this on a boy, though. The character made it work, but I'm not really a fan of most names that have swapped genders.

namesrahobby Says:


I love Elliot on a girl, I'm an absolute sucker for any gender bender name. This is why I have such a hard time finding boys names I love, every time I find one I think OMG THAT WOULD BE GREAT ON A LITTLE GIRL. Imo the great thing about using traditionally male names on girls is that it's really cute on a little girl but not ridiculous and demeaning on a grown woman. I would also use something like Addison for a boy as well though, I actually prefer Addison on boys. Also if ur going to name ur kids something unique don't use a 'yooneek' spelling to do it. It just annoys everyone involved.

kxlly0614 Says:


Lots of people might disagree with me, but I do not like gender neutral names or names that are starting to be used by both genders. I like girl names on girls, and boy names on boys. Elliott sounds nice on a boy, but the tt sounds harsh for a girl. Maybe Emily, Eleanor, Ellie might be an option?

sincerelyj Says:


Love this name for a girl, do not like this spelling. I've met quite a few baby girls with this name. Just means its one of those names in transition.
Ashley used to be a strictly boys name, so the times are changing and its not the worst of transitions, of all the traditional boys names out there, this one is a great one to turn gender neutral! ...again, not this spelling.
Anyone who loves Scrubs will like this name on a girl.

Introverted Says:


I love this name for a girl, but I prefer the spelling to be Eliot.

lemonqueen Says:


I disagree.

alyssum Says:


Sure, if parents are using a masculine spelling of the name (all the people naming their daughters James and Maxwell and Elliot are driving me insane), but I think feminizing a name is actually a good alternative to stealing it outright. It's not like Charlotte has ever rendered Charlie unusable for a boy, or Erica has ruined Eric, or Justine has removed Justin from the boys' name pile.

AllieCat718 Says:


No, no, no. Elliot, regardless of spelling, is a BOY name. No spelling will make it look "feminine". There are so many pretty girl names out there, yet people feel the need to steal boy names! >_<

IlianaRene Says:


Just no. I like Elliott on boys and not girls. Same for Avery. They sound too masculine to me for girls. There are other feminine names that the nickname Ellie could come from.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Well, Ellie is a really cute nickname. Still, I guess I just don't like Elliot that much on girls.

Sarah Goodreau Says:


Would something like Ellie justify it? Or Emily

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


While I can tolerate this spelling, I still am highly against naming your girl Elliot, Elliott, or Eliot. Those are BOY NAMES and always will be.