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Gender: M Pronunciation: DEE-ter Origin of Dieter: German, diminutive of Dietrich

Dieter is a classic German name that got lots of satiric exposure via Mike Myers on "Saturday Night Live" a few years back. If mispronounced, it could conceivably be read as someone on a diet.

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Famous People Named Dieter

Dieter Schmitz, American reality TV personality ("Laguna Beach")
Dieter Bohlen, German music producer
Dieter Brummer, Australian actor
Dieter Dengler, American Vietnam War veteran and POW
Dieter Gerhardt, Soviet spy
Dieter Hallervorden, German comedian
Dieter Hoeneß, German footballer
Dieter Kühn, East German footballer
Dieter Lüst, German physicist
Dieter Meier, Swiss musician
Dieter Rams, German industrial designer
Dieter Schnebel, German composer
Dieter Uchtdorf, German aviator and Mormon leader

Pop Culture References for the name Dieter

Dieter Braun, character from HBO's "True Blood"
Dieter, character on "Saturday Night Live" played by Mike Myers, host of a German TV skit called "Sprockets"
Dieter, demon in Norman Mailer's book "The Castle in the Forest"