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Gender: F Meaning of Darina: "gift" Origin of Darina: Slavic

Darina comes from the Slavic element "dar" which means gift; the name is found in Czech, Bulgarian, and Slovak cultures and translates easily for English speakers. Darina may also be an Anglicization of the Irish Dairine, which means "fruitful."

Famous People Named Darina

Darina, Mexican singer
Darina Allen, Irish cook
Dara Rolins, Slovak singer
Darina Křivánková, Czech journalist
Darina Hlinková, Czech photographer and artist
Darina Bínová, Czech model
Darina Abrahámová, Slovak chief-dramaturgist
Darina Dokoupilová, Czech model
Darina John, Czech basketball player
Darina Johanides, Czech redactor
Darina Kazdová, Czech model. She is Czech Miss World
Darina Kolaříková, Czech cosmetician
Darina Krygielová, Czech painter
Darina Laščiaková, Slovak redactor of Radio, Folklorist, singer and interpret of people songs
Darina Mifkova - a female volleyball player representing Italy
Darina Odstrčilová, Czech model
Darina Pavelková, Czech model

Pop Culture References for the name Darina