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Gender: Male Meaning of Cymbeline: "sun lord" Origin of Cymbeline: Celtic

The name Cymbeline is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "sun lord". Cymbeline and is often added to lists like Names That Mean Hope and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

From the experts:

The title of a Shakespeare play based on legends featuring the early Celtic King Cunobelinus. Rythmic and musical enough to be considered for a girl.

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Famous People Named Cymbeline

Cymbeline, British king before the Roman invasion

Pop Culture References for the name Cymbeline

Cymbeline, character in the 2007 movie "Bratz Fashion Pixiez"



abertawe Says:


Not to mention, "rythmic"? :P

Sorceress Says:


is it pronounced seembe-line or Seibelyn or different?

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


It is slightly irritating to make a boys' name page and then say that it can be considered for a girl name. According to your info, Cymbeline was a king. There was no girl named Cymbeline. Just because it SOUNDS like names that have been used for girl, doesn't mean it IS a name for girls.

Essa Says:


I just googled it and it says soft C.

Essa Says:


That's a good point actually, they are. Someone must know :)

snowsbeloved Says:


I only wonder this because many Celtic names starting with a "C" are pronounced with a hard C sound. Just curious :)

Essa Says:


I would've said soft, a hard C just sounds wrong. Although I don't actually know anyone with this name so I'm not actually much help.

snowsbeloved Says:


Is this pronounced with a hard or soft C sound?

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


It is eccentric and light and rather effeminate in nature, at least by our 21st century standards. But the fact remains that it is a male name, and a rather beautiful one at that. But yet again, Nameberry, you delight in your attempts to market boy names to girls, and it's just not necessary or appropriate - especially since the feminine version of Cymbeline: Cymbelina, is perfectly viable and both ready and waiting to be used. So I suggest you make a page for that gloriously feminine choice, and leave Cymbeline with the boys, where it belongs.