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Gender: M Pronunciation: kor-en-TAN Meaning of Corentin: "tempest, hurricane" Origin of Corentin: French, Breton

Corentin is an intriguing saint's name fashionable in France but virtually unknown here-- which you may consider a big plus. St. Corentin possessed a magical fish that regenerated itself each night, feeding himself and his lucky visitors in perpetuity.

Famous People Named Corentin

Saint Corentin, Bishop of Quimper, France
Corentin Rahier, French ice dancer
Corentin Tolisso, French footballer
Corentin Louis Kervran, French biologist
Corentin Martins, French footballer and manager

Pop Culture References for the name Corentin

Corentin Feldoë, title character in a series of Belgian comics

Corey, Curi, Cory, Corentino, Tin, Kaou, Corien