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Gender: F Pronunciation: cleh-MEN-tzee-ah Meaning of Clementia: "showing clemency" Origin of Clementia: Latin

Clementia, related to names like Clementine and Clemence, was the older and original feminine version of this name. It was used most frequently in the Middle Ages in continental Europe.

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Famous People Named Clementia

Clementia of Hungary, Queen consort of Louis X of France and Navarre
Elisabeth "Clementia" Killewald, German Benedictine nun
Clementia of Zähringen, Duchess of Bavaria and Saxony; later Countess of Savoy
Clementia of Burgundy, Countess and Regent of Flanders
Clementia of Aquitaine, Countess of Luxembourg
Clementia Taylor, English feminist and radical

Pop Culture References for the name Clementia

Original Latin form of CLEMENCE, CLEMENCY
Feminine form of CLEMENT