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Gender: Female Meaning of Chara: "joy" Origin of Chara: Greek

The name Chara is a girl's name of Spanish, Greek origin meaning "joy". Chara and is often added to lists like Space Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Adding then Eliminating - Boys Themed".

From the experts:

Star in a constellation that represents hunting dogs, recently named as one of the most likely to host extraterrestrial life. Also, a variation of both Sarah and Charlotte.

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Famous People Named Chara

Chara, Japanese singer-songwriter
Zdeno Chara, Slovak ice hockey player

Pop Culture References for the name Chara

Chara Alverado, love interest of the main character in "The Silver Eye", a webcomic by Laura Hollingsworth
"Shugo Chara!" manga/anime series
Chara, the First Child/Fallen Child in the game Undertale.
Chara, a genus of charophyte green algae.


RoseGoldHeart Says:


Prefer Chiara.

AleksPassonov Says:


It depends on location. In Greece, it is pronounced Char-ah. Abroad, it's closer to Kar-ah. In Serbia, where Chara is a nickname for Charles and Charlene, it is also Char-ah, but with a rolled R. I know a family that immigrated to the States from Greece and their daughter likes and is fine with both.

the joy machine Says:


Yeah sorry the first thing that comes to mind is Zdeno Chara, and a seven-foot man on skates is not what I want to call to mind when I call my hypothetical little girl's name.

Unless you want her to be terrifying and intimidating. Actually, the more I think about it...

zmakqp Says:


Whenever I hear this name I think of Undertale.

beachbear Says:


I know a Chara, and she pronounces it like Kara.

LoveBeingMommy Says:


How is this name pronounced?

Zach-ARI Says:


Chara is such a pretty name, i love it!