Gender: Female Meaning of Catelynn: "pure" Origin of Catelynn: Irish variation of Catherine

Catelynn Origin and Meaning

Variation of Caitlin

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Zelliew Says:


Regardless of the spelling - It's a nice name

xRedd Says:


Caitlin is the traditional irish name, it's different name entirely from kate + lynn

PuppyPaw Says:


No it's not! Hailey's a great name!

PuppyPaw Says:


Yeah. Kathryn feels like a misspelled version of Katherine.

PuppyPaw Says:



gmdx Says:


While I agree with the point you are trying to make, there are really two 'base' spellings of the name. 'Caitlin' which is the Irish variant of Catherine, and 'Katelyn' which is 'Kate + lyn'. (I understand that Katelyn still derived from Caitlin, but (and maybe it's just me), the two look like they could come from different places.
Regardless, these are the most popular spellings, and while you might not like 'Katelyn', you probably wouldn't accuse her parents of being kre8tif.
Yes, Caitlin to Catelynn is a stretch, but Katelyn to Catelynn is like a change and a half. It might not follow your rule to the t, but it isn't an extreme name.

PuppyPaw Says:


Katelyn I like, but not Kaytilan.

PuppyPaw Says:


To me it does too.
I can live with Caitlin, or Caitlyn, or Katelyn, but my favorite is Kaitlyn.

_NorthStar_ Says:


If don't care for the name at all, its very very bland, no matter what the spelling. However, this spelling is particularly atrocious. Just my two cents though. :)

hailey Says:


my name personally is dumb

Periberry Says:


i know someone named katelyn and kaytilan, no joke

oliviamcdonald Says:


Nice name

oliviamcdonald Says:


Wouldn't Caitlin be the misspelling? The name is a combination of Kate + Lynn so wouldn't the traditional be Katelynn

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Oh, no, I don't like the Kathryn spelling either because where I live, Katherine is pronounced KATH- er-inn, not just KATH-rinn, so Kathryn looks like it's missing the middle syllable.

rie Says:


There are so many Lynn names and Leigh names now, it's pretty normal in this time. Although I wouldn't name my kid Catelynn, because I don't really like any Caitlin names, I don't think its that bad. They could be called Lynn as a nn over Lin, for one. It doesn't sound any different from the regular spelling, they probably wouldn't get teased by other kids. And why aren't people losing their minds on names like Kathryn and such? "OMG THEY BUTCHERED THE ORIGINAL SPELLING?!" I don't see anyone doing that. If you are going to bash names for a certain reason, please don't be selective in which names you choose to criticize.

PuppyPaw Says:


True. I only like Kaitlyn and Caitlin.

PuppyPaw Says:


I like Kaitlyn and Caitlin.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I totally agree with the change one thing! !! I really do not mind MOST spelling variations, as long as they are fairly close to the original

amberdaydream Says:


I have a little personal rule. If you're going to change the spelling of the name, change one thing. So, for Caitlin, I can live with Caitlyn, Catelin, or Kaitlin. Though ideally it'd just be Caitlin. Catelynn just feels like too much to me, personally.

JazzieJonez Says:


There's absolutely nothing wrong with this name. It's not that or at all ridiculous. If people like this spelling over Caitlin, then let it be.

gmdx Says:


I think this spelling is really cute. I know a couple of Caitlynns.

JessicaRose Says:


Hipsters are all about the authentic, old school style of names, and would also use Caitlin. This is the fault of girls who watch 16 and Pregnant, and want to spell things "the pretty way."

Guest Says:


It could be a lottttt worse. It doesn't look kre8iv to me it just looks like an unnecessary spelling. Y'all know how I hate kre8ivs, I cringe at the thought! Hahaha

Scootamew Says:


I laughed more than I should have at 'Presleighley'

Paige_Mackenzie Says:


Kaitlin or Caitlin is so much simpler to live with.

sky_dancer Says:


Catelynn would be extremely hard to live with. Kaytelynn, Caytlynn, etc.
Just annoying and rather mean spellings of the name "Caitlin" and "Kaitlyn" in general.

lainerector1 Says:


one of those "young hipster mom" names. Katelyn or Caitlin is beautiful but this spelling reminds me of the kind of mom that would name their baby Kaieyleigh instead of Kailey or Preisleighley instead of Presley.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Those are gross too! The only spelling I like is Caitlin.

EvaThyssen Says:


Kaytelynn, Caytelyn, Kaytlynn, EWWWW

jordalini Says:


This name is ok, but there are worse Caitlin spellings

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


An abominable spelling of a normally great name. Don't do this to your child!