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Gender: M Pronunciation: KAH-lun Meaning of Cailean: "pup, cub" Origin of Cailean: Irish

This is the original Gaelic spelling of the Anglicized Colin -- more authentic, yes, but could make your American child's life unnecessarily complicated.

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Famous People Named Cailean

Cailean Mór Caimbeul aka Sir Colin Campbell, Scottish early member of Clan Campbell and the Earls of Argyll
Cailean of Carrick, Scottish Earl of Carrick and father of Niall, Earl of Carrick

Pop Culture References for the name Cailean

Kalen, Kalin, Kalan, Caillen, Cailin, Kaelan, Colin, Calan, Kaelin, Caelan, Cailen, Caley