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Gender: M Meaning of Cabot: "to sail" Origin of Cabot: French

Cabot is an attractive English surname associated with the daring early Italian-born British explorer known as John Cabot; his birth name was Giovanni Caboto.

Famous People Named Cabot

John Cabot, Italian-British explorer
Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Sebastian Cabot, English actor

Pop Culture References for the name Cabot

Cabot Cove, Maine, fictional village in which Jessica Fletcher lived in the TV series "Murder, She Wrote"
Cabot Cheese, Vermont cheddar cheese company
Tarl Cabot, character in the Gor series by John Norman
William Cabot, character in movie "The Sum of All Fears"
Ephraim Cabot, character in play "Desire Under the Elms" by Eugene O'Neill
Alexandra Cabot, ADA on "Law and Order: SVU"

Cabbot, Cabbott