Diminutive of Bradley
"wide meadow"

Brad Origin and Meaning

The name Brad is a boy's name.
Pitt is the prototypical blond Brad.

Brad Popularity


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Famous People Named Brad

  • William Bradley "Brad" PittAmerican actor
  • Brad Douglas PaisleyAmerican country music singer,songwriter
  • Bradley "Brad" SherwoodAmerican comedian
  • Brad GarrettAmerican actor
  • Charles Bradford "Brad" HenryAmerican politician, 26th governor of Oklahoma
  • Phillip Bradley "Brad" BirdAmerican film director and animator
  • Brad Lewis KavanaghEnglish actor and singer,songwriter
  • Bradley "Brad" KeselowskiAmerican NASCAR driver
  • Brad Barron RenfroAmerican actor
  • Bradford Claude "Brad" DourifAmerican actor
  • Brad Dexter (born Veljko Šošo)American actor
  • Brad FalchukAmerican TV writer and producer
  • Bradley Mitchell "Brad" SilberlingAmerican TV and film director
  • Bradford Ernest "Brad" Whitfordguitarist of American band Aerosmith
  • Bradford Phillip "Brad" Delsonguitarist of American band Linkin Park
  • Bradley J. "Brad" Wilkdrummer of American band Rage Against the Machine
  • Bradley William Hargreavesdrummer of American band Third Eye Blind
  • Bradford Alexander "Brad" MehldauAmerican jazz pianist
  • (William) Brad HallAmerican TV writer and comedian
  • Bradley John "Brad" WallCanadian politician, 14th premier of Saskatchewan
  • Brad HawkinsAmerican actor
  • Brad RoweAmerican actor
  • Bradley Bonte "Brad" HawpeAmerican baseball player
  • Brad Goreskicelebrity fashion stylist and television personality
  • Bradley William "Brad" Simpsonlead singer of British band The Vamps
  • Bradley "Brad" Colburn aka TheRadBradAmerican YouTuber
  • Brad Leman aka TheGamingLemonBritish YouTuber

Brad in Pop Culture

  • Brad Bellickcharacter on TV's "Prison Break"
  • Brad Carbunklecharacter in animated series "My Life as a Teenage Robot"
  • Brad Chasecharacter in the TV series "Boston Legal"
  • Brad Follmercharacter in the TV series "The X,Files"
  • Brad Snydercharacter in the TV series "As The World Turns"
  • Brad Taylorcharacter in the TV series "Home Improvement"
  • Brad Whitakercharacter in 1987 James Bond film "The Living Daylights"
  • Brad Taylora female character on TV's "Hey Dude"
  • Brad Montgomerycharacter on Canadian TV's "Le coeur a ses raisons".
  • Brad Sextoncharacter in the movie "For Richer For Poorer"
  • Brad Kesslercharacter in the movie "The Invention of Lying"
  • Brad Majorscharacter in movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
  • Brad Williamscharacter on TV's "Happy Endings"
  • Brad Burnscharacter in the video game "Virtua Fighter"
  • Brad Wongcharacter in the video game "Dead or Alive"
  • Bradcharacter in "Rick and Morty"
  • Brad Whitakercharacter from "Daddy's Home" films
  • Brad Boimlercharacter in the upcoming animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks

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