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The name Bourbon is a boy's name .

Not even for Brandy's twin brother.

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April Ludgate Says:


Is this a joke?

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


sub me

Nooshi Says:


True :). Either way, it's not much to live up to.
Hypothetical situation:
Kid 1: 'I was named after my mum's grandma.'
Kid 2: 'I was named after my mum's first pet.'
Kid 3: 'I was named after my mum's favourite flower.'
Kid 4: 'I was named after my mum's favourite snack and what she likes to drink at 5 O'Clock.'

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

vintageluvs Says:


I first think of the royal dynasty that ruled France for over two hundred years. Either way, I think this name is too much to handle. If you really love alcoholic beverages, name your child Dionysus, the god of wine. Anything but Bourbon.

Guest Says:


Well people name their kids Jameson after the whiskey (which can get a pass obviously since not a lot of people know that Jameson is a brand of whiskey), next it's gonna be "hello this is my daughter Vodka Grace" just to get a rise out of people. Nothing shocks me these days.

Myosotis Says:


Exactly what I was thinking. Although I do love those biscuits.

DoctorWho Says:


... or biscuits.

Nooshi Says:


Rule #453 of baby naming: thou shalt not name thy child after fermented beverages.

Giinkies Says:


Don't name your kid after alcohol.