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Gender: F Pronunciation: ben-NIL-duh Meaning of Benilde: "good" Origin of Benilde: French variation of Latin

The strong and unusual name of a medieval (male) saint and a contemporary (female) novelist, Benilde Little.

Famous People Named Benilde

St. Bénilde (born Pierre Romançon), a 19th-century Catholic saint
St. Benildis (French: Bénilde) of Cordoba, a Christian woman martyred in the year 853 in Muslim-ruled Spain
Benilde Little, novelist

Pop Culture References for the name Benilde

The saint is known as Benilda in Spanish. It comes from the old Germanic name Bernhild meaning "bear-battle," but folk etymology likes to connect this name to the same Latin source as Benedict, thus giving it the meaning of "good." This meaning and etymology, however, are mere wishful thinking.