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Gender: F

Variation of Barbara

Famous People Named Babs

Babs Tarr, American comic book artist
Babs Reingold, Venezuelan-American conceptual artist
Babs Gonzales (born Lee Brown), American male jazz singer
Aliu Babatunde "Babs" Fafunwa, Nigerian male educator and politician
Barbara "Babs" Walters, American television journalist

Pop Culture References for the name Babs

Babs Bunny, character in animated TV show "Tiny Toon Adventures"
Babs, land speed record car built and driven by John Parry-Thomas in 1926
Babs, chicken in animated movie "Chicken Run"
Babs Seed, character on animated TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
Babs Kramer, mother of Cosmo Kramer on TV's "Seinfeld"
Babs, an affectionate nickname often used in the Midlands Region of England