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Gender: F

Variation of Alba

Variation of Albinia

Variation of Alva

Famous People Named Albina

Saint Albina of Caesarea, 3rd century martyr
Albina du Boisrouvray, French philanthropist
Albina Mayorova, Russian distance runner
Albina Nikolayevna Loginova, Russian archer
Albina Faria de Assis Pereira Africano, Angolan chemist and politician
Albina Khabibulina, Uzbekistani tennis player
Albina Borisovna Dzhanabaeva, Russian singer of girl group Via Gra
Albina Guarnieri, Canadian MP
Albina Rodriguez, wife of Bolivian industrialist Simón Iturri Patiño ('The King of Tin')
Žofie Marie Josefína Albína hraběnka Chotková z Chotkova a Vojnína, birth name of Sophie, Duchess of Hohenbog; wife of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Pop Culture References for the name Albina

Albina, Latin feminine form of Albinus (which was derived from Albus, meaning 'white'). As an English name it was used fairly regularly from the 17th century until the end of the 19th century, but is now rare. Albinia was also used.