Five Letter Girl Names

  1. RutheHeart
    • SabelHeart
      • SarayHeart
        • SchaeHeart
          • ShadaHeart
            • Origin:

              Native American
            • Meaning:

            • Description:

              Pretty and unusual bird-related name.
          • SheriHeart
            • SidheHeart
              • Origin:

              • Description:

                In Irish mythology, sidhe refers to the mounds of earth that are home to the aos sí, a race of fairies.
            • SlateHeart
              • Origin:

                Word name
              • Description:

                Sleek color name, though a bit flinty for a little girl.
            • TanziHeart
              • TealeHeart
                • TereaHeart
                  • TillaHeart
                    • TishaHeart
                      • VéraHeart
                        • WilloHeart
                          • WinniHeart
                            • ZeenaHeart
                              • ZelfaHeart
                                • Description:

                                  Zelfa is the name of British actor Skandar Keynes' mother, as well as (male) boxer Zelfa Barrett.
                              • ZilkeHeart
                                • Origin:

                                  German diminutive of Cecilia or Celia
                                • Meaning:

                                • Description:

                                  Along with the more common Silke, a diminutive used in Germany for Cecilia and Celia. Both Silke and Zilke are unknown yet usable German names for girls.
                              • AdreyHeart