Names that Peaked in 2005

See Unique Names that Peaked in 2005

Top Names that Peaked in 2005

  • Mariana

    Combination of popular traditional names Maria and Ana.Read More 

  • Nyla

    This name of an ancient Egyptian princess could make a fitting choice for a bicoastal child.

    After an anomalous appearance at Number 855 in 1941, Nyla remained off the popularity charts... Read More 

  • Jett

    Aviation enthusiast John Travolta put this fast-paced name in the lexicon when he used it for his late son, and George Lucas followed suit. Read More 

  • Makenna

    Part of the Mackenzie/Mackena/Mackenna family, this variation has a positive meaning.Read More 

  • Leonel

    A variation of Lionel that has made slow but steady gains in recent years, perhaps helped by the resurgence of Leo.Read More 

  • Nasir

    Similar to Nasser, with a slightly more altruistic meaning. Rapper Nas was born Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, and Nasir may have gotten a bump from 2016 show The Night Of, whose protagonist... Read More 

  • Conner

    This variation of Connor was practically unused before the 1990s. Read More 

  • Heaven

    Among the children named Heaven are the daughters of TV personality Brooke Burke and rap singer Lil' Mo, who also has a daughter named God'iss Love. Some parents have taken to using Nevaeh... Read More 

  • Kira

    Though such cognates of Kira as Keira, Kyra, and Ciara are evermore popular throughout Europe and in the U.S., this Cyrus relative has a different root. Variations include Keera, Kiera, Kierra,... Read More 

  • Nadia

    Nadia, an exotic but accessible Slavic favorite, has a strong run of popularity in the US in the early 2000s, partially thanks to the character on Lost called Nadia but actually named... Read More