Names that Peaked in 1971

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Top Names that Peaked in 1971

  • Scott

    A cool, windswept, surfer babe-magnet in 1965, a nice dad -- or even granddad -- today. Read More 

  • Julie

    Wildly popular in the 1960s and '70s, Julie is no longer anywhere near as stylish as the name's longer forms. Try Juliet, Juliana, or even the more grownup Julia.Read More 

  • Raina

    Strong and solid, with a touch of foreign intrigue, it's the most popular of the rain-related names, with a variety of pronunciations—RAY-na, rah-EE-na, or RY-na. Alternate spellings Reyna and... Read More 

  • Dana

    This name found in both Celtic and Scandinavian mythology has gone from all-boy to almost all-girl, retaining a strong, unisex quality. However, it has dropped following its three-decade heyday... Read More 

See Unique Names that Peaked in 1971