Names that Peaked in 1927

  1. LeatriceHeart
    • Origin:

      Combination of Leah and Beatrice
    • Description:

      Not quite Beatrice or Letitia, but Leatrice still has a gently old-fashioned charm of its own, a kind of silent movie star aura, as in one of the top actresses of that era, Leatrice Joy. Largely due to her popularity, Leatrice was in the Top 1000 from 1922 to 1943, reaching a high of 350 in 1927.
  2. VilmaHeart
    • Origin:

      Russian, diminutive of Vilhelmina; a Polish place-name
    • Description:

      Not much to recommend this relative of Wilma; consider Willa or Willow instead.
  3. LeeroyHeart
    • InellHeart
      • EmogeneHeart
        • LindberghHeart
          • RefugioHeart
            • BettylouHeart
              • LavernHeart
                • ClearenceHeart
                  • GlendoraHeart
                    • ErlineHeart