One Syllable Names for Boys

  1. QuentHeart
    • MokshHeart
      • PrintesHeart
        • CosméHeart
          • TrévanHeart
            • JarneHeart
              • LoydHeart
                • RiffHeart
                  • Origin:

                    English word and musical name
                  • Description:

                    Riff is the name of the leader of the Jets in West Side Story, drawn from the musical word for a repeated phrase in a song. Riff is a jaunty sounding name but a tragic character.
                • İlhamHeart
                  • CreonHeart
                    • Origin:

                    • Meaning:

                    • Description:

                      In Greek mythology, Creon was the king of Thebes.
                  • İslamHeart
                    • İsaHeart
                      • İlyasHeart
                        • İlqarHeart
                          • İsmailHeart
                            • Origin:

                              Turkish variation of Ishmael, Hebrew
                            • Meaning:

                              "God will hear"