"lighthearted woman"

Gioconda Origin and Meaning

The name Gioconda is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "lighthearted woman".

Another name for the Mona Lisa, who was married to a Florentine businessman surnamed Giocondo; others say the title referred to her mysterious smile.

Famous People Named Gioconda

  • Gioconda BelliNicaraguan novelist
  • Gioconda VessichelliItalian opera singer
  • Gioconda de VitoItalian,British violinist
  • Gioconda Beatrice Salvadori Paleottobirth name of Joyce Lussu, Italian author and translator

Gioconda in Pop Culture

  • Gioconda is a beautiful Italian novelist in 'The Bay of Noon' (1970) by Shirley Hazzard.