Dutch from Germanic
"noble, nobility"

Aletta Origin and Meaning

The name Aletta is a girl's name meaning "noble, nobility".

A form of Adelaide (and therefore related to Alice, too) used in the Netherlands. The country's first female physician was Aletta Jacobs. In the USA, Aletta is rare, but on a slight upward trend. It fits perfectly into the sweet spot of being deep-rooted and straightforward, yet barely used, and has Etta and Lettie as potential nicknames.

Famous People Named Aletta

  • Aletta Jacobsfirst woman to complete a university course in the Netherlands
  • Aletta van ManenDutch hockey player
  • Aletta OceanHungarian adult film actress
  • Anne Alida "Aletta" de FreyDutch copyist, drawer and painter
  • Aletta HanemansDutch brewer of the Hoeffijser; wife of the mayor of Haarlem, Jacob Pietersz Olycan