Spelling variation of Brandon
"broom-covered hill"

Branden Origin and Meaning

The name Branden is a boy's name .

The en ending is so fashionable these days, a lot of people prefer it even when the alternative as with Brandon has more heft.

# 986 in the US

Branden Rank in US Top 1000

Branden Popularity

Famous People Named Branden

  • Branden WilliamsAmerican actor
  • Branden John GraceSouth African golfer
  • Branden OliverAmerican NFL player
  • Branden James SmithAmerican operatic tenor
  • Branden SteineckertAmerican drummer for bands Rancid and The Used
  • Branden DawsonAmerican basketball player
  • Branden Alexander KlineAmerican baseball player
  • Branden JacksonAmerican NFL player
  • Branden WhitehurstU.S. Virgin Islander swimmer
  • Branden JacobsJenkins, American playwright