Unisex Baby Names

Parents in search of unisex baby names that can be used for either girls or boys will find helpful lists here, collecting color names and artist names that can be used as unisex baby names, pointing out Biblical place names and weather names that can be used for either gender.

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  • Baby # Gender: Siblings: Clara Israel Rose, Wendeline "Wendy/Winnie" Eleanor Anne, Agnes Tamara Grace, Juniper "June" Laura Belle

  • As a firm believer in the inherent genderlessness of names, I appreciate the "traditionally masculine names for girls" trend. This got me thinking about using traditionally feminine names for guys. Here is a list of possible ideas for both sides, including names with a history of being used for the "opposite" gender, neutral names that are more strongly associated with one gender, or names that I just think could work. Some of these can be found in old Top 1000 lists!

  • Boy names

  • "A" names for girls

    My favorite names that begin with the letter "A".

  • "A" names with Unique Spellings

    These are a few of my favorite A names, with my own little spin on spelling to make common names a little bit different.

  • "Fire Emblem" Names

    Names of characters from the video game series Fire Emblem.

  • "Fresh" Colour Names

    This is a list I that drew up a while ago, while I was looking for new names for my story characters. They're all colour-related, if not colours themselves. Hope you all enjoy!