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  • Baby Girl Names

    Funky but original names !

  • Cheerleader Names

    Typical cheerleader names. Includes a lot of names popular in the 80's for some reason.

  • Goth baby names

    Having a cool, 'spooky' nickname is not a prerequisite of being Goth. It’s just to enhance that oh-so-enigmatic image. Her's an A-Z

  • "A" names for girls

    My favorite names that begin with the letter "A".

  • "Freaks and Geeks" Names

    These are names that were mentioned and/or used in the TV show, "Freaks and Geeks". I'm pretty sure I've covered all the characters except for "Stroker"...but I do not recommend naming your child that. I also didn't include teachers whose last names were only known, and their surnames weren't suited for a first name (i.e. Miss Foote)

  • "Normal" Girls Names Outside of the top 1000

    these are unique names that are also normal enough that they aren't "weird"

  • "Party of Five" TV Show Cast

  • "T" and "L" Middle names

    Names That I love for middle names. Although I'm sure they would be great first names as well.

  • "The Fosters" Names

    These names are from the ABC family show, "The Fosters".

  • 'Just Right' Boy Combos

    These names seem 'just right' to me. Classic enough to avoid weird looks, yet unusual enough to be the only one they've heard of/only meet one person with that name in his lifetime.

    **I don't know why, but every single name on this list gives me a nautical vibe. I can see a boy with this name, steering his own sail boat. To me, he plays water polo during the school year and spends his summer days on the lake.

  • *Undiscovered Girls Names*

    Great baby names that need to be discovered!

  • -ER Ending Names for Boys

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    Boys & Girls

  • 11 Names // Clunky Tomboy

    These names are clunky tomboys. They are not the usual frilly diminutives like Annie and Posey. They have gravity and instant cool points.

  • 11 Names // Comfy Names for Girls

    These names are comfy. They wear cosy jogging bottoms, drink tea and watch box sets.

  • 11 Names // I don't end in 'a' or 'ie'

    Eleven names with uncommon endings.

  • 11 Names // Roald Dahl Wonders

    Eleven of the more usable names from the world of Roald Dahl. I think Fleshlumpeater is a bit too 'out there' for even the most daring namers.

  • 11 Names // Similar to Scarlett

    This list is made from names similar to Scarlett - those with similar sounds, those with a similar style and those with a red theme.

  • 11 Names // Simply Sweet

  • 11 Names //Girls Ending in N

  • 1800's - Super Rare Female Name

    1800's - Extremely Rare Female Name

  • 2 Broke Girls

    Boys & Girls

  • 2014

    Names that have grown on me throughout 2013. Here's what stole my heart leading into the new year. Some are quirky, some creative twists on classics, and some are unexpected revivals.

  • 2014 Favorite and Usable Names

    These are my top boys and girls names as thought about over the years. These are also not my guilty pleasure names. Middle names included.

  • 40s Girls' Names

    Chic girls' names from the 1940s.

  • 80s Girl Names

    This is a list of some of the most popular 80s girl names.

  • a (about) Favorite Names :)

    My favorite names for boys and girls! I'm sure you will love them too :)

  • A - Z All My Favorite Names

    Constantly changing, forever in progress.

  • A combos for boys

    This is combos I pick for my boy

  • A cool mix of names

    This list is of names boys and girls that is the perfect mix. Not to unusual but not to common, just some names to keep it fresh.

  • A Few Macho Dude Names

  • A List - Boys

    We mostly like names with hard consonants, like K and X.

  • A list for people looking for fresh girls names

    Fresh girls names

  • A list of interesting boys names

  • A List of Master Number Names

    Names that add up to 11 or 22 in modern numerology


    HI Any advice, on my favorites? I have one little girl named Finley. She will be a little blondie like my other, as I am of Swedish decent. Please, I am going to give birth soon, and can't decide. Alina Arisella Mazzy Lydia Jericka Myla Maisha Gisella Vierra Zella

  • A name for Kieran Rieliegh's baby brother

    Possible names that sound and look good with his brothers name. h

  • A- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. d denotes a name that is also a dinosaur.

  • A- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing Names (2013) - Girls (A-M)

    Includes some great names from A&F's 2013 clothing line - Note: This list includes Girls Only with letters A-M

  • Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing Names (2013) - Girls (N-Z)

    Includes some great names from A&F's 2013 clothing line - Note: This list includes Girls Only with letters N-Z

  • Acer AS07A31

    Acer AS07A31

  • Actually Possible Girls

    We've gone with five-letter first names to match our five-letter last name more by accident than design, but our kids's names MUST have a positive, uplifting or encouraging meaning.

  • Adios, Isabella!

    Elegant girl names~

  • Adorable A's

    Boy & Girl A names

  • Adventurers, Knights, & Heroes

    Adventurous, obscure & exotic names for men!

  • Adventurous Names for Girls

    Some bold, brilliant, and out-there choices for a more daring baby namer.

  • Alabama

    Boys & Girls

  • All Famous People Deciding on Baby Names SHOULD READ This List

    Are you a famous person who's into exotic, intriguing, and unusual baby names? Are looking to over throw North West and Alabama Gypsy Rose? Did you already try brainstorming creative and original names with no success? Well then, this is the list for you. *Please check out my other lists

  • All Time Favourites

    My favourite names for a future child (no. 1 spots at the moment are Castiel or November)

  • Alphabet Boys Names

    My favorite boys names for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Alphabet girls names

    My favorite girls names for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Ancient Gods and Goddesses

  • Ancient Greek Girl Names

    Ancient Greek names are very much neglected, but a lot of their latinised counterparts are popular. Most of these names are not in the Namberry database. Here are some unique and interesting Ancient Greek Girl names worth considering.

  • Animal Names

    Names that are after animal species or genders. Typically can be gentle or bold. Some, people won't even know are animal names until you tell them!

  • Animal Nicknames

    Names with a potential animal nickname.

  • Antagonists and Anti-Heroes

  • Arizona

    Boys & Girls

  • Arkansas

    Boys & Girls

  • Artsy Names

  • Asus A32-K72 akku

    Asus A32-K72 akku

  • At Least Ten Characters

    Does not include surname names or place names. These are all attested names, whether or not they are listed in the Nameberry database is irrelevant and is not a requirement to be considered a "real name".

  • Autumn Names

    Names inspired by the season.

  • Autumnal Names

    This is a list of names (or words used as names) that conjure up an image of the beginning of fall. So far, incomplete.

  • Awkward Feminine Versions of Boy's Names

    Some boys names do not lend themselves well to feminine versions!

  • B- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Baby #2 Due 12/13/15

    It's a BOY! The husband and I are having a really hard time coming up with another boy name that we can agree on. I like the sort of unique not so heard of names and he just kinda shrugs at me or makes a face. Not getting much input from Papa..

  • Baby Boy Names :)

    List of potential name's we love, for our sons.

  • Baby Girl

    If number three is a girl....

  • Baby Girl 2014

    We are expecting our second baby in January 2014. If it is a girl, here are the names we are considering. Big Sister's name is Virginia Rose.


  • Baby Girl Names

  • Baby Girl Names :)

    List of potential name's we love, for our daughters.

  • Baby Girl Names That Will Be All Her Own

    I am looking for girl names that would be all her own. Our daughter, Nefretiri, owns her name and I want something at least slightly similar in terms of use and popularity if we have another girl.

  • Baby girl Pretzer

  • baby girl Wood

    Names we can agree on. New sister to brother Sawyer and sister Violet.

  • Baby girls

  • Baby Lane- Little Girl

    Simple and sweet with a bit of an old time flair!

  • Baby names I like

  • Baby Names of the Modern Era

    These names constitute the most popular names (Top 20) from 1976 to the present.

  • Baby {S} Female Name Ideas

  • Baby {S} Male Name Ideas

  • Bad Ass boys names

  • Bad-Ass Baby Names

    Names to pick in order to make sure your kid is a total bad-ass. Inspired by the likes of Boondock Saints, Sons of Anarchy etc.

  • Badass Boys Names

  • Badass Girls Names

  • Baddest Boy Names

    Just plain cool names for boys

  • Ballerina Names

    Beautiful, romantic girls names that fit well with a flowing, graceful personality and meaning.

  • Ballerina Names | Liesl's lists

    Typical names for ballerinas. Overly frilly and girly.

  • Ballet Names

    Names taken from lead characters, Prima Ballerina's & influential dancers

  • Beach Boy Names

    Names fit for any boy being born near the coast or in the summer.

  • Beatles Inspired

    A list of fictional and real characters referenced by the musical group The Beatles in their songs.

  • Beautiful B's

    Boys & Girls

  • Beautiful Meanings

  • Beautiful Women

    This is a list of beautiful women I have met throughout my life so far. 1983 - 2014

  • Beginning and End

    Boys & Girls names that start and end with the same letter

  • Better strictly as nicknames

    (In my opinion)

  • Bible Word and Place Names

    Some unusual names for parents that want to reference the Bible in a less obvious way.

  • Biblical Names

    I live in a sub-culture that loves their Bible names. Moses, Ezra, Naomi, Caleb, Micah, Magdalene, Leah, etc. are all ones I've heard (even a little baby Boaz!). I've decided that I should be fully prepared in case the occassion should arise where I would need to know which names I do or do not like. Mary, Elizabeth, Adam, Daniel, Matthew, etc are all out of the question...

  • Blinded by Science

    In honor of some of the greatest minds in human history.

  • Boarding School

    From the ivy covered walls of the east coast to chilly monogram embossed England, some over the top posh picks for tots.

  • Boarding school names | Liesl's lists

    Typical names for girls at boarding schools. If you like more, read the Mallory Towers series by Enid Blyton :) .

  • Bones

  • Bonnie Names for Boys

    Nameberry has a Geezer Names for Girls list, but it seems to have been forgotten that, for every girl 'back in the day' named Howard and Wallace, there were as many boys named Rose and Ivy! - Just a few names taken from America's top 1000 from the 1880s and onwards.

  • Bouncy Blues

    Want a hip, bluesy, bouncy name for your bundle of joy? Travel no further.

  • Boy classic names

    Patrick Edward Edmund William Oliver Robert Martin Arthur Adam

  • Boy Middle Names

    There will be two middle names with the last name Miller.

  • Boy Name

    Possible names for my first born son. __ _ __ __ Vincent DeRosa

  • Boy name ideas

    Sibling is Dominic Glenn Thomas Smith

  • Boy Names

  • Boy Names

    Boy names I like.

  • Boy Names

    Top favorites

  • Boy names

    Talon Tyler Tanner Brennen/Brennan Camryn/Camren/Camron Camden/Camdon Damien Damon/Damen Brienne Colt Carter Layton Jordyn Blake Logan Donovan Ethan Kohl Vance Colin Owen

  • Boy Names I Hate

    Boy names I just CAN'T stand

  • Boy! Oh, Boy!

    Elegant, interesting and uncommon names that make you say, 'Oh! I love it!'

  • BOYS

    My Boys Names!

  • Boys & Girls names that I LOVE atm (as of 4/28/15) - alphabetical order -

    These names are those that I wish to name my children one day.

  • Boys Names

    Brothers for the elegant and magical girls list

  • Boys names

    names i love for boys

  • Boys Names with Character

  • BOYS ||

    Boy names I love.

  • Boys' Names I Detest

    Just for fun, not for the trendy or easily offended, but I just loathe these names. Soft, trendy, whiny, cutesy, pretentious, wimpy names. A lot of these sound more like names for a house pet than a person.

  • Breaks My Rules, But I Like

    I have a set of rules that I follow pretty strictly, but there are always some that slip through.

  • breezy//southern

    A list of usable favorites with a southern feel.

  • British Royal Names

    Regal Names from the Normans to the Windsors.

  • Brother to Ashton Ryland

  • Brunette Names (Girls)

    Names most suitable for brunettes

  • Bubblegum Girl Names

    Names that are great standalones and independent- think the strong Cher, Rhianna, and Beyonce image without the out-there obscurity or celebrity wannabe hype.

  • Button-Up Names

  • C- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • C- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Call me Superboy

    Superpowered names for boys... uber-masculine, matinee-hero, gritty & grimy grown up names that the most extreme guy's guy would approve of. To be found on professional snowboarders, bull riders, and international spies. And maybe your baby. :P (Oh, and I had to like them. Badass but not usable didn't make the cut. ;)

  • Celestial Names

  • Celestial, Mythological and Spacy

  • Celtic Name Crushes

    Ways to honor my Scottish heritage :)

  • Celtic Princesses

  • Cerebral Boy's Names

    Beautiful names for boys with literary, mathematical or scientific associations.

  • Chantels favourite names

    Just names that I like

  • Character Names

    Names I'm using for characters, or considering for characters.

  • Characters

    A list I have compiled of names I've used for my fanfiction stories. Original Characters only

  • Characters I've Loved

    Literary, film, etc

  • Characters Names of John Wayne

  • Cheerleader names | Liesl's lists

    Typical names for cheerleaders.

  • Christian Occupation Names

    Inspired by Reese Witherspoon's son Deacon Reese Philippe and my personal love of the name Shepherd "Shep", here's a list of names having to do with occupations in any Christian church. Not all are considered occupations, as in job professions, but all are nouns describing something related to Christianity.

  • Christian Word Names

    This is a list of words with Christian connotations. Please note that although these do have a connection with the Christian faith, they are not exclusively used for and by Christians. For more Christian occupational names, see my list:

  • Christmas/ Winter names

  • Classic and Curious Names from Oregonbird

    Evocative, pithy, bookish names for girls and boys; includes a few boy's names that work well for girls

  • Classic and Preppy Girls

  • Clean and Pure

  • Clevo M540BAT-6

    Clevo M540BAT-6

  • Clunky and Eccentric Feminizations

  • Colorado

    Boys & Girls

  • Common "Harry Potter" Names

    Names from the Harry Potter books that aren't too out there.

  • Common / Boring names (in my opinion)

    Maybe for you, but definitely not for me...

  • Compromise

    Names we've both agreed are possibilities to choose from.

  • Cool but Pretty Girls Names

  • Cool Names

    Names I think are just the coolest

  • Cosmic Names

    Names written in the stars.

  • Cowboy & Southern

    Cowboy names and Southern names for both

  • Cowboy / Western Names (BOYS)

    These names all have a rugged, strong, masculine feel. Any of these names would feel at home on a ranch, farm, or even just living in the wilderness.

  • Cowboy, Western, Spaghetti Western Names

  • Cozy C's

    Boys & Girls

  • Crazy Celebrity Baby Names

    We all have our own opinions on celebrity's crazy baby names. Whether you be fascinated, disgusted, or simply do not care, check out this list and let the inspiration flow!

  • Criminal Minds

  • CSI

  • CSI: NY

  • Cultivated Male Names

    Names for sophisticated jet-setters, cosmopolitan CEOs and privileged aristocrats.

  • Cute and Honest Names

    The best of both worlds: given names that are both normal and functional while being able to find a cute nickname to come up with.

  • Cute girl names

  • Cutesy Names

  • D- Boys

    ss denotes a name that is also a species specification.

  • D- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Dad Names

    These names were popular from the 50's to the 70's, now are mostly for dads. Sequel to Mom Names.

  • Dainty Girls Names

    Soft and sweet names that give off a delicate, fragile, and graceful image

  • Dancer's Names

    These are names of girls I've student taught over the years. The girls would be anywhere from 2nd to 5th graders now, however I taught them when they were 3-8 years old. Every name is spelled how they spelled it. Something I've noticed was that every year I had: an alternate spelling, at least one unisex name, at least one really uncommon name, and at least one top 10 name. Enjoy!

  • Darling D's

    Boys & Girls

  • Dated Math Textbook Names - Girls

    You know when you're doing a word problem in your math textbook and it's always like "Jennifer's train is heading east and 70 mph, and Carol's is heading west at 30 mph - how long will it take them to meet?" and the names are always so dated and ordinary? This is a list of those names.

  • Delightfully Frilly Girl Names

    I have a deep weakness for adorable, frilly girls' names, the kind that you can easily picture with tutus and glitter. These are a few of my favorite.

  • Descriptive Elements

    names from nature or phenomena. Stuff that sounds good together. Different but from somewhere real.

  • Designer Baby Names

  • Disney Names

  • Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Names

    The names of the boats on the the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland for all you Disney enthusiasts and name nerds.

  • Distinguishable Rococo Painter Names

  • Dog Names

  • Double names for Girls

  • Dynamic Boys' Names

    A few of my favourite boys' names, of the strong and energetic variety.

  • E- Boys

    ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • E- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Earth's Children

    Unusual names that still sound appropriate. Meanings that derive from nature.

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water

    Elemental names

  • Earthy Romantic Femmes

    Earthy, romantic, feminine names. I often find ancient ones to ring true to these adjectives.

  • Eccentric Family Names

    A list of names derived from my colorful, eclectic family. Most of these names are still in use today. The names range in style from buttoned up retro to Appalachian chic.

  • eclecctic girl's names

    This is a wide range of names that I have aquired over the years that i love. They range form classic european to modern nature names to exotic names. Enjoy!

  • Eclectic girls

    Trendy, surnames, biblical, mythological, nature names, word names, etc.

  • Elegant and Unusual Color Names for Girls

  • Elven Folk

    The names of Tolkien's elves. Not all of them, just some of my favorites. Pronunciation guide given for the more difficult or unknown names. One thing to remember is that the double-dot diaresis accent above a letter means that the vowel is not silent, but separate from any other letter next to it, eg: Eärwen is not to be pronounced like English "ear", but rather as ay'arwen. source: The Encyclopedia of Arda and of course Tolkien's books themselves

  • Emona's fav names

  • Energetic E's

    Boys & Girls

  • Enid blyton names

  • Europe's top names (boys)

    Trendiest names on the old continent.

  • Europe's top names (girls)

    Trendiest names on the old continent.

  • Exotic & Bohemian

    Exotic gems and beautiful bohemian names, carefully selected to make an intricate collection of my personal favorites.

  • Explorer Baby Names

  • Extensive- Beautifully Unusual Names for all Genders

    Unique names with beautiful meanings. (This is a list of names that are a mix of female, male, and unisex. NN= Nickname. If the name was manually typed in you'll notice that I put a definition, but if it was entered through the site you can just click on it for the site's definition.) Enjoy.

  • Extreme Favorites for Girls

  • F- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • F- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Fabulous French Fancies

    Favorite male and female names of French origin

  • Fairy Tale Style

    Names that I'd use, or can imagine in a fairy tale story.

  • Fairytale Names for girls

    Names that belong in a proper, old-fashioned fairytale, where the brave young woman tries and succeeds against impossible tasks. Names for girls you think might need magic on their side...

  • Fantasy Names

    Names from fairy tales, names that sound like they're from fairy tales, mostly English, Irish, German, and word names.

  • Fascinating F's

    Boys & Girls

  • Fave Boy's List of 2014

  • Favorite Boy First Names

    All names will have two middle names with the last name Miller.

  • Favorite Boy Names

    I will consider these for my fourth child.

  • Favorite Boy Names

    Self explanatory

  • Favorite Boy Names

  • Favorite Boy Names

  • Favorite Boys Names

    For my future sons

  • Favorite Boys Names

    Strong, powerful, deity, or nature inspired names. Some guilty pleasures for sure, others suited for individuals seeking 'pagan-lite' type names.

  • Favorite Girl First Names

    All names will have two middle names with the last name Miller.

  • Favorite Girl Names

    For my future female children

  • Favorite Girl Names

    These are names I will consider for my fourth child.

  • Favorite Girls

  • Favorite Girls Name

    Ever evolving list of strong, powerful, goddess, or nature inspired girl names. Some definite guilty pleasures.

  • Favorite Girls names ending in -a

  • Favorite Girls Names Ever

    These are my all time favorite girls names. Some are classic, others modern, and some even vintage but these are my tops picks.

  • Favorite Girls' Names

  • Favorite Names

  • Favorite Names

  • Favorite Names for Girls

    My current favorite names for girls.

  • Favorite names: 2014 (Yeah...I'm a little late...I know -.-)

    Some of my favorite names in 2014! Some are quirky and twisted, but I like them and that's all that matters! Some are nice and sweet sounding! Others are just really random, but i know I'd love to be named all of these names because I don't really like my name all that much, but these names i think are awesome! The is a method to my madness! I hope you comment and like and continue to read me as I post more! My taste may change as the years go by, considering i am still young, but many of these names WILL stick with me throughout my life!

  • Favorites<3

  • Favourite names at the moment

    Just some names I find beautiful. I'm Quarter Italian and Half Arabic, so some names have some exotic roots.

  • Female Catholic Saint Names

    Some pretty saints names for girls that I love!

  • Female Historic Names

    Names from my genealogy. Direct lineage from 5th century to present day.

  • Female Nicknames with double letters ending in IE

    A list of girls nicknames that all have a double letter in the middle and end in 'ie'

  • fiction

  • Fictional Names

    Names pulled from movies, television and literature

  • Fine Ladies

  • First Names

  • Fit for a Queen!

    Names that just sound so regal, sophisticated, beautiful, enchanting and just plain royal that are fit for a princess or queen regardless of whether a real princess of queen was even given one of these names.

  • Flappers

    She'll wear long strands of pearls down her back, order a sidecar and dance the soles off her shoes.

  • Florida

    Boys & Girls

  • Flower Names

  • Flower/Plant Names

  • Flowy and Romantic Names

    Boy and girl names that roll off the tongue

  • For a Son

  • For Boys, From Boys

    My two boys Arthur(7) and Hugo(5) came up with names they think are "super awesome" and "radical!" Here are some baby boy names for your boys, from my boys!

  • For Girls, From Girls

    My two daughters Florence Plum(8) & Beatrix Wren(5) put together a pretty, sassy, adventurous and classy mixture of names that are sure to have a little something for every girl!

  • For the handsome little man

    A list of my favorite boy's names!

  • For the lovely little lady

    A list of my favorite girl's names!

  • Francophile Naming Guide -- Curiousities of Medieval France for Boys

  • Francophile Naming Guide -- French Silent Film Actresses

    This list provides a look into the names of the hottest film stars of France over a century ago.

  • Francophile Naming Guide -- Literature Names Beyond Moliere, Hugo, & Verne for Girls

    Literary names beyond the common Molière, Victor Hugo, and Jules Verne, which will all be save for a later list of their own. All names listed below are female characters in other French authors' novels, except for Séraphîta, who is the titular androgynous character of Balzac's work.

  • Francophile Naming Guide –– Biblical Names for Boys and Girls

    Taken from "La Sainte Bible" translated by Louis Segond. I love these names because a lot of them are Hebrew relics, but because of our Judeo-Christian heritage, everyone can really celebrate in those wonderful names that mix Hebrew and French into a ethnic blend. Thought Obadiah and Malachi were unusual? Think again! Some of these are unisex, so feel free to use Néhémie on a girl (talk to me if you do so!). If you want to know the gender of each name, talk to me since many of these names aren't registered on Nameberry!

  • Free Flowing

    This is a combination of not so popular to unique names. Some maybe somewhat trendy but in a different context. The first names should define the individual by flowing with the middle name. This Middle should also enhance the first, keeping in mind that many who choose not to use their first names usually go by their middle names! Fallon Eilene, Summer Layce, Rhiannon Jaline, Declan Josene, Kira Malahn, Reid Alysse, Skye Elisabeth. Rance Weston, Thorne Maxwell, Grady Scott, Colin Philip, Graham Alexander, Slater Montgomery.

  • Free Spirits

  • fresh favourites

  • Fresh female pretty names

    Esme Eva Carys Claudia Elisa Eliza Alice Julia Elena Emily Elodie Emma Melody Leda Maris Marina Tena Scarlett Freya Mila Ada Ava Valentina Serena Margaret Isabella Morgana Mercy Sabina Nerys Amaris Bess Lilith Locklyn Maybelle Christabel Megan Stella Zoe Annabel Annabeth Amabel Arabella Mariella Stella Eris Elizabella Roselyn Flora Delilah Lila Dahlia Arianna Tess Melisande Vivienne Amity Lena Phoebe Ramona Romilly Rowan Tamsin Viviette Sienna Sierra Layla Viola Violette Lux Briony Aria Leta Brianna Lila Annabella Clarabella Laura Marcheline Rosamund Rosalind Matilda

  • FRIENDS Names

    Names from the show Friends!

  • Frilly girl names

    Feminine names with extra lace.

  • Future Baby #3

    I have 2 children right now and am looking forward to adding one more someday. My boy is Castor George: Castor was a strong, uncommon name with little-to-no nicknames. George is after my maternal grandfather. There has been a "George" in every generation of his family. My girl is Scarlett Eugenia. Scarlett is a strong, bright, classic girl's name. It also has some of the same letters and sounds as Castor does. Eugenia is after my paternal uncle and godfather, and it is my maternal grandmother's middle name. There has been a "Eugene" or some form of it in every generation on my father's side. For our third I would like to stick to the older more classical names, but would not rule out very uncommon names. We caught a lot of flack for naming our son Castor, but we love it and it fits him well. He is certainly one of a kind. I'd like a name with similar consonant and vowel combinations.

  • Future Children

  • Future Sons?

    names my partner and I will actually consider for our next son

  • Futuristic Science Names

  • Futuristic Warrior Queen Names

  • G- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • G- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Galactic Baby Names

  • Gender Neutral Names

    Boys & Girls

  • gender neutral names

    a list of gender neutral names that usually goes one way over another. (i've put down male if it's a name usually used for a girl and female if it's usually used for a boy; why, oh why, are we required to write down the gender)

  • Gender-Neutral Names!

    Gender-Neutral parenting allows your child to chose their own identity without gender roles pressuring them to be someone they don't identify as, or pressuring them to go through the motions because they think they have no other option. Its a great way to show unconditional love for your child in how they chose to express themselves, and names are the very first step in allowing your child to grow as a person without gender roles inhibiting them. For the purpose of simplicity (and that nameberry only allows M or F), the names will be listed as M.

  • Gendered names

    Gendered baby names

  • Georgia

    Boys & Girls

  • Girl Code

  • Girl list

    If I were to have another.. our daughter's name is Kaedence Lynn

  • Girl Middle Names

    There will be two middle names for each first name with the last name Miller.

  • Girl Names

    Girls names I like.

  • Girl Names

    Top favorites

  • Girl Names I Love

  • Girl Names to Fit with Sister Hendrix

    Girl names to fit with Hendrix Kristen, daughter #1. Have to be unusual but not too "out-there." I know some of these are traditionally for boys...but hey, so was Hendrix!


    Middle Nanes for Girls

  • Girl's Names for an Archaeologist

    Girl's names that relate to history or archaeology

  • Girls


    Girl Names!

  • Girls

  • Girls combos

    Elena Carys/ Mariella Elise/ Freya Esme/ Mercy Serena/ Arabella Emily/ Julia Alice/ Summer Rose/ Summer Melody/ Eva Melody/ Elisa Melody/ Winter Rose/ Freya Elise/ Dahlia Esme/ Ada Roselyn/ Carys Eliza/ Eliza Maris/ Elena Zoe/ Serena Mercy/ Stella Winter/ Zoe Melisande/ Zoe Arabella/ Arabella Winter/

  • Girls Names

  • Girls Names

    Girls names I love! Jane Austen/ Victorian feel. Some with a dash of spunk.

  • Girls Names with Tomboy Nicknames

    I love this idea, and I believe there are many others that do, too.

  • GIRLS ||

    Girl names I love.

  • Gorgeous Names For Little Girls

  • Gourmet Baby

    Names from foods, drinks and flavours


    This is a list of vintage, slightly unheard of today names that are romantic, either very feminine or masculine, and are guaranteed to make your heart thump wildly.

  • Grateful G's

    Boys & Girls

  • Guilty Pleasure Names

  • Guilty Pleasure Names

    Names I love, but would never use on a child! Either they're too unusual, too popular or have nasty connotations.

  • Guilty Pleasure Names

    Names I love, but would never use.

  • Guilty Pleasures

  • Guilty Pleasures

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Names I like or think are really interesting that I would never actually use (or can't use).

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Names I would only ever dare give to fictional babies... But secretly love all the same.

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Names I love, but could never use for different reasons.

  • Guilty Pleasures :)

    Did you mean Greek mythology?

  • Gypsy Names

    These are just names that I can see a gypsy wearing.

  • H- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • H- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Happy Names

    Names that I think should belong to a happy-go-lucky, cheerful kid.

  • Hauntingly Pretty/Dark Names

  • Hawaiian Names

    I absolutely love Hawaiian names, and I don't know who wouldn't.

  • Headstrong

    Names that ring of empowerment or rebelliousness, that go against the soft princessy favorites and encourage daughters to strive for goals of importance in society.

  • Heavenly/Biblical Baby Names

    Boldly going where plenty have gone before...

  • Help with a name

    I am writing a tvd story and I need a girls name that goes with the last name 'Salvatore' ASAP! It can be an old fashioned name or anything just need some ideas, thank you -Steph :]

  • Helpful H's

    Boys & Girls

  • Hippie Girl Names

  • Hippie Names in Disguise

  • Hipster for boys

  • Hipster for girls

  • Hipster-Cool Boys Names

    I picture these names working on kids running around in Brooklyn, on teens dressed in suspenders and sweaters, on adults in thick-rimmed glasses working at some creative job.

  • Hipster-esque

  • Hispanic Girls' Names

  • Hope This Helps <3

    Elijah-Rian :) ;Pation ; Lannon ; Peten

  • I love S-

    S- girl names have it, IMO!

  • I love this names

  • I myself am strange and unusual

    though my soul my set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

  • I- Boys

  • I- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Idaho

  • Ideal I's

    Boys & Girls

  • If You Like Fiona, You'll Love...

  • If You Like Rose, You Might Love...

    Rose is overused in the middle spot, and for some people, in the first one too. Here are a few alternatives.

  • Illinois

  • In a Medieval Mindset

  • Initials

    Boys & Girls

  • Intelligent Boy Names

    Masculine names for a smart, respectable boy.

  • Intriguing Character Names

    I'm a writer always looking for memorable names for my characters. Here are some that I've come across so far.

  • Inventive & Gorgeous


  • Irish Girl names!

  • Irish Names

  • Israeli Place Names

  • Italian

    Boys & Girls

  • J- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • J- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Jazzy Nicknames

  • Jewel Inspired Names

    beautiful jewel inspired names

  • Joyous J's

    Boys & Girls

  • Just so HAPPY

    Happy, positive, joyful names! They're all just so damn happy!

  • K- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • K- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • K-Baby

    Following unintentional family tradition of naming baby 1 starting with a D and baby 2 starting with a K.... Big brother is Declan<3

  • Kaedence

    Kaedence is a variant of the musical word Cadence, which means rhythm/rhythmic or to march. Our daughter Kaedence Lynn was born in October 2012. I've had her name picked out for 25 years. Other variants are Cadence, Caedence, Caydence, Kadence, Kaydence, Kaidence

  • Kid names we agree on

    These are the names my husband and I can agree on.

  • King and Lionheart ♚♛

    "Howling ghosts, they reappear in mountains that are stacked with fear, but you're a king and I'm a lionheart. And in the sea that's painted black, creatures lurk below the deck, but you're a king and I'm a lionheart." Of Monsters and Men █ Names, the brave and loyal. █

  • Knowledgeable K's

    Boys & Girls

  • L- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • L- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

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  • Law & Order: SVU

  • Lax Bro

  • Least Favorite Names

    I don't want to offend anyone, these are just names I don't like. I'm sure others think they're lovely.

  • Least Favourite Names/would never use

    My Least favourite names

  • Light

  • Likes

  • list of names that suck

    these names r poopy i am ellen degenerus

  • Literary Names by Kate Chopin

    Kate Chopin has a delightful blend of American, English, French, Creole, Greek, Spanish and more names in her short stories. Published at the end of the nineteenth century, these names would be lovely, unexpected additions to families today. Here is a list of as many as I've found!

  • Literary Names That Never Get Old

    A list of bookish boys' and girls' names that are versatile and refreshing. Try not to judge them based on their covers!

  • Little Gentlemen

    Names that make you think of strong, capable, friendly, men with great manners: a perfect image to bestow upon your little gentleman.

  • Little Girl

  • Little Lovelies

  • Little World Wanderers

    Names I've heard around airports and train stations, collected over the years from different countries on my travels. Perfect global mix for parents with insatiable wanderlust.

  • Long names GIRLS

    Names with more than 6 letters

  • Lovable L's

    Boys & Girls

  • Lovely L Names

    Lyrical L names for Ladies

  • Lovely, Classy Yet Unpretenious & Simple Girls' Names

    Refined, simple, elegant, dignified and beautiful array of choices for girls. Many with a slight Olde World European flair, the majority with Latin or biblical roots, all with oodles of beauty, class and accessibility.

  • M- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. d denotes a name that is also a dinosaur.

  • M- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • M-names

  • Magical Girls

    Unusual names to bring some mythical magic and whimsy to a name.

  • Magical, Ethereal Baby Names

  • Male Names I Like From My Genealogy A-H

    Names I would actually use from the males side of my genealogy A-H

  • Male Names I Like From My Genealogy J-Z

    Names from the male side of my genealogy that I would actually use J-Z

  • Marvellous M's

    Boys & Girls

  • Marvelous Middles

    A mixture of family names and names I think would just make awesome middles!

  • Maybe, baby girl.

    Names I like for a girl.

  • Me Likey!

    Names I like!

  • Melodic, Flowing Welsh Girl's names

    I just love these beautiful, melodic Welsh names which are easy to pronounce and many have lots of possible nicknames ready to use!

  • Mermaid Names

  • mes prénoms favoris en Français

  • middle name with honor

    I love Honor for a first name but undecided on a middle name that complements...:)

  • Middle Names I Love

    Favourite middle names for both ladies and gentlemen...

  • Miss America Names

  • modern spin to southern belles

    There are so many names that ring with southern charm, but what to pick when a name sounds to old and dusty?

  • Modern, Sweet, Cool, and Slick Names

    Names that are popular, cool, slick, and sweet at the same time.

  • Mom Names

    These names were used from the 50's to the 70's, all now for moms! I used names of mothers I know, moms in my student directory and names that are just so "Mom". Dad names are soon to follow! Also, these names are still great! This isn't meant to offend anyone.

  • Most Beautiful Girls Names

    Sophisticated, Glamorous, and Intelligent

  • Most Embarrassing Names on Nameberry

    Nameberry has a lot of clunky names like Bertha and Norma that will get your kid made fun of, but that at least have a prayer of someday being cool again. And then there's these.

  • Musical Names

    musical terms/instruments/composers that could be used as names (more likely middle names)

  • My babygirl names

  • My Best FR Names

    Dragons are more fun to name than children.

  • my daughters

    Eligant. Is what we named our daughter. We went with the letter i instead of E cuz i know how girls like to put hearts as the dot. :) her middle name is jacionna after her dad jason . Jacionna is pronounced ( j-c-on-na ) which is cool because it can be spelled many different ways. :)

  • My Favorite Girl names

    Names that i LOVE

  • My Favorite Names

  • My Favorites

    Names I adore

  • My Favorites

    If you're into a weird mix of vintage, literary, mythology, unique, geeky, and a touch of nature in your names then you've come to the right place!

  • My Friends


  • My girl

    Inspired by nature and strength after her parent's names (first and middles): Dad's meanings: Rock, lion/ Mom's meanings: meadow of the ash tree, crowned with laurel

  • My Guilty Pleasure Names

    A list of names that I like, but I would never name a person.

  • My Husband's Son - Names that fit Jerek's spawn perfectly. :)

    My husband Jerek is a geek. Star Wars, Star Trek, computer, etc etc. This list is names that match him perfectly, that just GO with his personality and would be perfect to inflict upon a tiny miniature Jerek.

  • My List, My Style

    A naming style, I believe, is what makes you like a name. Your guilty pleasures are often the best indicators of sound or meaning of your list. The best style I fall under is classic eccentric, or names that have historical value that are sometimes common (i.e. Lucy and Leo) to Nameberry favs (Mabel, Cordelia and Ariadne) to totally out of the box (Zebulon and Saskia). Here is my list of my current top names, names that aren't in my signature with notes. Note: Guilty Pleasures included and marked as such.

  • My Mom's Ideas For My Name

    These names were what my mom had for my name -- she ended up picking Amanda, which wasn't even on her list, but I put it on this one.

  • My Mom's Ideas For My Sister's Name

    She ended up with Erica and that was her top choice, but there were a few others on her mind.

  • My New Name

    New, mixed with classic. Maybe some nature/hippie vibes as well. May call upon the great literary greats, England, Scotland, and France. Basically whatever fits my whimsy the best.

  • My Top Baby Boy Names

    Best names for a little stud:)

  • My Top Names

    This is just a list of my top name combos for boys and girls

  • N- Boys

  • N- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Name list


    These contenders don't have middle names yet. I love them to death and hope to find match for them!

  • Names

  • Names Difficult to Say

    This is purely a list of names that are difficult to say. My opinion isn't reflected in it

  • Names Fit for a Ballerina

    I can easily picture these elegant, delicate and feminine names on dainty Ballerina's.

  • Names for Coco the Bean

  • Names for Future Female Pets

    I love animals and have reams and reams of names to consider for my future pets. These are just the female ones!

  • Names for Future Pets - Unisex Edition

    These are the names I'd consider for future pets but haven't thought about whether they'd be for female or male. They could work for either I guess, but I'm going to leave it on the 'male' setting as that's the default.

  • Names for Ladies

  • Names from Songs

  • Names Girls Will Love Until They Turn Eight

  • Names I consider a huge loss because of association

    Name association is huge, you can't get away from it.

  • Names I Hate

    My opinions!

  • Names I like and I think you will too

    Names I love though a few I won't be able to use

  • Names I liked When I Was Younger

    Pretty self-explanatory. When I was younger, there were certain names that I simply adored, and used whenever I had the chance. I wanted to be a writer (still do) and many of these names made their way into my stories, or simply cropped up when I was playing house with my friends. My name choices have evolved, but I still feel a certain nostalgia when I see them.

  • Names I Love But Would Never Use

    These names sound great, but the meaning or popular reference is too overpowering.

  • Names I love right now 11/27/13

    Right now

  • Names I love!

  • Names I Think Are Cool

    Names that I like.

  • Names I'd Name My Child

  • Names I've liked but Hubby didn't

    These are some of the names that my hubby disagreed with

  • Names I've liked for a while...

    These are names combinations the I have liked for a really long time, now. The list is really short, but it has grown. I hope it will get longer. Also, I like to put the names gender neutral, or gender bender because I don't want to sector them!

  • Names of Nobel Prize Winners

    Maybe naming your baby after a Nobel Prize winner will bring them on the right track? No matter if you just like names with historic meaning or if you want to set a first step for a bright future - here are names from past Nobel Prize winners. (Note: Not all first/middle names might be listed on Nameberry since many names are only locally used. All last names in this list are listed on Nameberry.)

  • Names of Popular Kids

    Want your kid to be popular? Use one of these classic names. I have not come across people with these names that are not thought of as popular or cool in some sense.

  • Names Overheard at Eton

    The ultimate posh English names for boys

  • Names That 'Fit' With Each Other

  • Names that go with Willow and Summer

    Looking for girl and boy names to go with Willow Jay and Summer Elizabeth. I would love a double consonant and or a nature vibe. Jay and Elizabeth are family names, but we are not attached to having a family name for our third.

  • Names that I would NEVER use and strongly dislike...

    ... due to either a bad association, undesirable meaning, trendiness, or the general style.

  • Names That Only Work for Female Cows or Old Women

  • Names That People Who Love Names Love

  • Names That Remind You of the Roaring Twenties

    These are the names of movie stars, authors, artists, poets, or anything that can be associated with this fascinating time in history.

  • Names That Roll Off The Tongue

    These names are really beautiful-sounding to me. Meanings vary.

  • Names that should be added to Nameberry

    Some cool names I've come across but aren't on here yet.

  • Names that Sound Trendy, but Really Aren't

  • Names that will get your daughter into Oxford and Cambridge

    Okay, slightly tongue in cheek - your daughter will have to show some talent too.

  • Names that would be Awesome in a Book

    I am a dedicated writer/teenberry/lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi. I pride myself on having the coolest, awesomest, and fitting-est (not a word, I know) names for my characters out there. So here are some names that I use for my characters and why I used them.

  • Names to Consider

    Here's a list of names I invite anyone (including me :)) to think about. They're nice, mostly usable names that many people may like. I'll add to the list as I find new ones.

  • Names to Use in my Writing

    Future character names/names to use.

  • Names with "ph"

    names with the spelling "ph" (sounds like an "f")

  • Names With Heavy Associations (Good and Bad)

  • Names You'll Really have to Live up To

    The following are names that you will really have to live up to to be able to pull it off. And not everyone can pull it off. Hell, only a small amount can!

  • Namesake Names

    Strong women in (relatively) modern history that are well worth a beautiful little girl's namesake. I love names with history and would love to give my little girl an example of strong, fearless women to live up to.... who also has a really gorgeous name.

  • Naming the unkown

    This is where the unknown souls tries to put a name to his entity.

  • Native American Toponymy on the East Coast

    A list of names that originate as geographical locations, i.e. towns, villages, lakes, rivers, creeks, reservoirs, mountains, cities, parks, etc., on the East Coast. These geographic locations are specifically Native American in name origin, coming from various tribal languages. Although I went with my best judgment about the gender, either gender for most of these names are acceptable since most of them have never been used as names.

  • Nature Girl Names

  • Nature Names

    We all come from the Earth, including your little bundle of joy, so here's a list of names coming from Mother Nature's gifts. Including Gems, Plants and Animals. WARNING: Some of these names are quite strange, proceed using with cautious. A baby's name is for life.

  • Nature Names

    names that are inspired or come from nature or natural things

  • Nature Names

    Flowers, animals, weather, etc...

  • Nature Names and Color Names I like

    The title describes it all.

  • Nature Related- Female (or male)

  • Nature Related- Male (or female)

  • Nature-y Adventurous Names

    I love names that evoke a sense of nature, adventure and over all a sense of wild and free. :) These are a few that I love!

  • Nautical Names - Geographical Names

  • NCIS

  • NCIS: LA

    Boys & Girls

  • Need a middle name for Scott - help!

    I am naming my son after my brother who passed away, Scott. It is a classic name, and I named him when he was born, but I always thought I would name my child something truly unique. Then I realized my husband is very opinionated about names, so he wants to choose the middle. The only problem is he cant come up with any!!! SO I gave him list that I sort of like. I am hoping Berries can help us decide, or suggest new ones?? I am definitely looking for any names with a short o sound (as in pot, or rock sound), as I am especially interested in a double barrelled name to distinguish talking about my brother or my son. Names my husband sorta likes: Scott Koa Scott Sebastian Scott Caius Names I love that he has vetoed: Scott Luke (my husbands name) Scott Knox Scott Ryder My husband is also a surfer so names around that are a plus! HELP! We are 5 weeks away!!!

  • New baby. Due in Feb 2014

  • New Favorites - Quirky/Vintage/New Girls

  • new loves

  • Nicest Nature Names

  • Nicknames

  • Nifty N's

    Boys & Girls

  • No frills, all girl

    No princesses or unisex names--feminine but unfrilly names for girls.

  • Noms de l'Opéra

    Men and women of the French Opera. Either operas written in French, written by the French, or translated into French.

  • Not-Too-Common Girls Vintage Names

  • Noun Names

    A list of what I believe to be the best noun names.

  • Nouveau Middle Names for Girls

    If Rose, Lee, Lynn, Anne, Renee, and Marie don't blow your hair back, try these alternatives.

  • Novelists, Playwrights, and Poets surnames

    mainly poets.....

  • O- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • O- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Obnoxious Names

    Cute for only a nickname, Southern Belle, or Disney princess.

  • Obscure Irish and Gaelic Names

    If you're willing to give up ease of pronunciation for uniqueness, then this is the list for you!

  • Observant O's

    Boys & Girls

  • Obsessions

    Names that I fell in love with.

  • Ocean and River Inspired Baby Names

    All names water-inspired!

  • Ocean Names

  • Of Boys and Men

    Names to fit for a lifetime...

  • Offensive Baby Names

    Names I would not suggest using, since they will most likely offend someone.

  • Oh, Those Lucky Immigrants and Foreigners

    'Cause they can use those exotic, beautiful, 7 syllable names without their friends breaking a sweat, whereas for someone living in the suburbs of upstate New York--not so much.

  • Old but Fresh, Reminiscent of the South

    Suggestions for friends Updated oldies, Floral, Place-names, Names of people I know from the south, Just intensely feminine

  • Old Lady Chic Names

  • Old Lady Names

  • Old Lady Names That May Never Come Back

  • Old Lady names | Liesl's lists

    Typical old lady names. Are they ready for a come back?

  • Old School Names Ripe for a Comeback

  • Old Time Gangster, Mobster and Outlaw Names

    Some are drawn from history, others from fictional media. Use these to name your bad boys and troublemakers.

  • Old-Fashioned Revival Darlings (Girls)

    Adorable vintage names, some of these are still popular today, others are not. These are my favorites. These are not invented names and have previously charted on the SSA lists from 1880. My favorite time period for names.

  • Oral Contraceptive Trade Names

    Branding is hugely important for the pharmaceutical industry. They certainly know how to pick drug names which appeal to their target audience. Obviously that is childbearing-age females for the oral contraceptives...some of these are quite appealing names, in my opinion (it's almost annoying how good they are at their job!)

  • Orange Is the New Black

  • Out-there Names I Love

    Names I would probably never name my child but wish I had the courage to.

  • P and L names

    I've been told in the forums that P and L suit Spurlock the best

  • P- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • P- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Paradise Names

  • Peanutbutter and Jelly Sibling Names

    Names that go together like peanutbutter and jelly!

  • Personal Favorites

    Names that I really love, and that I would really like to use. Some family names and some pretty different ones that I have a great fondness for.

  • Pitch Perfect

    Boys & Girls

  • Place Names

    Places & locations that make good baby names

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  • Posh Girls Names

    Are you looking for a name that is equally aristocratic and trendy. These are names inspired by old money families. Your little princess' name is most likely on this list. Don't worry none of these names are going out of style anytime soon.

  • Possibilities!

    The boyf has said a solid "maybe" to these!!

  • Possible Character Names

    I find it so hard to whittle down a character's name and Nameberry helps me so much with it's lovely set of names, cute names, beautiful names, strong male names, etcetera. So, I thought I'd join Nameberry and make a list in my time of stuck-ness. If anybody is allowed to contribute, please feel free as I need all the help I can get... :)

  • Possible Names for Future Children:

    Here's a list of names I would love to use for my future children! :

  • potential baby names

    my favorite names and potential names for my children

  • potential Character Names

    quirky to classic

  • Potentials

    Deciding on what first and middle names feel right for me: feel like Me. I'm non-binary gender and am changing my name once I have it all set. "Mar" first and "Sam" middle names but not combined in any way. The less it immediately conjures up ideas of "feminine" or "masculine" identity, the better I feel about it. I greatly take meanings into consideration when judging its potential, even over spelling and sound.

  • Powerful Sorceress Names

    Names that evoke the image of a powerful sorceress or dark goddess.

  • Powers Girls

  • Precious P's

    Boys & Girls

  • Preppy Boy Names

  • Preppy Boys

  • Preppy Nicknames

    Below each name is an example of one or two people who have been known by that nickname in high society.

  • Preppy Prep School Names

  • Pretty Girls' Names

    Female Names that are just pretty.

  • Pretty Little Liars Inspired Names

    From the book and TV series, these are names inspired from 'Pretty Little Liars'

  • Pretty Names for Girls

  • Pretty, Whimsical and Strange

    My favorites and my guilty pleasures! Some are definatly for those who have a sweet tooth and love frilly girly names with an edge.

  • Princess Names

    Who doesn't want their little girl to have a princess-y name?

  • Princess Names

    Names befitting of royalty.

  • Princess Names

  • Princessy Names

  • Pulau Tidung

    Dapatkan semua informasi mengenai liburan ke Pulau Tidung, akomodasi (Penginapan & homestay di pulau tidung) paket liburan murah, dan informasi lainnya yang anda butuhkan selama liburan di Pulau Tidung Murah | Pulau Tidung | Wisata Pulau Tidung | Pulau Seribu | Paket Pulau Tidung | Paket Wisata Pulau Tidung | Pulau Tidung Wisata

  • Punk Baby Names

    Names inspired from the punk scene, punk musicians, bands, etc.

  • Puritan Names

  • Puritan Surnames

    These are the surnames of the passengers on the Winthrop Fleet according to Col. Charles E. Banks. I used as a resource for the compilation of this list. One thing preps do love is the use of their preppy surnames, and what's more preppy than Puritans? Enjoy!

  • Q- Boys

  • Quiet, intelligent names for boys

    Boys names that are a bit gentler and more reserved.

  • Quinoa

    A list from the popular Pinterest board--"My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter" by Tiffany Beveridge. These names are too hilarious and fun not to have them listed somewhere. 21st Century, Hipster, Fashion, Pop Culture, Trendy, Wealthy

  • Quirky

    Just a bunch of quirky names I love, in no particular order.

  • R- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. d denotes a name that is also a dinosaur.

  • R- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Radient R's

    Boys & Girls

  • Raw! Mummy I'm Wild!

    These are those cute animal names that people give to their children so that it's possible to easily call them an animal when annoyed with them! Also, they are SO CUTE and I'm considering Todd, Corbin, Foxy and Wren!! Happy browsing!

  • re-nicknaming myself

    my name is Mary Jean, I have always gone by MJ. I just like re-imagining other nicknames for myself although they will probably never be used : ) This list also serves to help me remember some of my nicknames that have come up over time

  • Redhead Names

    A collection of boys and girls names for redheads / referring to the colour red.

  • Redhead Names (Girls)

    Names suitable or auratic for a redhead.

  • Religious

    Names that are overtly or secretly religious.

  • Revolt, Overthrow, and Take Back

    Names for characters that are at the very head and heart of the revolution. They see a problem and aren't afraid to take action.

  • Rich/Upper Class Names (girls)

  • Rizzoli & Isles

  • Roaring Twenties

  • Romantic Boys' Names

  • Romantic Names

    Here is a list of romantic names for girls.

  • Rough and Tumble Boys' Names

    Names for boys who like to play in the dirt and break things.

  • Round 1 Name Change Picks

    Round 1 of names I like for my name change. I am changing my name as a Birthday gift to myself next year for my 25th Birthday. I have been thinking about it for years and have made the hard decision to go for it. I will be narrowing it down with rounds 2, 3, 4 & 5 which will have lists as well. Countdown to my new name September 3, 2015!

  • Royal Names

    Names from the British Royal Family

  • Royal Names.

    Names with a Royal history, these are some of my favorites.

  • Rustic Names

  • S- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • S- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • S.T.E.M. Names

    A collection of names relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Some common, some 'unique'.

  • Same Letter Twin Names (girls)

    4 girls names for each letter that you can mix and match to kind your perfect pair! (So far the names go up to I)

  • Sassy S's

    Boys & Girls

  • science based names

    All of us recognize flowers as girls names, but what about the scientific name for a flower? Why not name your child after a famous scientist? Or a specific field?

  • Shakespearean Names

  • Short & Sweet Old-fashioned Baby Names

  • short 'n soft names

    my favourite short, soft baby names

  • Short Baby Names

  • Short List - Girls

  • Short, Vowel-Heavy Girls Names

    I have a slight obsession... and yes, I'm counting the sometimes-y as a vowel ;) at least 50% vowels, no more than 5 letters per name.

  • Sibling names for Maeve & Angus

    Both kids have god/goddess names. Both meanings are very 'strong'. Would like a name that is god/goddess, strength meaning, quirky and not common. Might be nice if I liked more 'A' name to balance all the 'M's in the family. Boy names are hard! If it were twins, I think I'd go with Freya Thistle & Graeme Hartley.

  • Sky Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

    The gods of sky and weather were named "Theoi Ouranioi" or "Theoi Meteoroi" by the Greeks. They were under the command of Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of heaven. Source:

  • So Totally 80's!

  • Soft and pretty Girls names

  • Soft Girls Names

    Names that are unique and have a soft, feminine feel to them.

  • Soft sound, all boy

  • Solid as a Rock Names

    gems and minerals

  • someday, baby

  • Southern Baby Names

  • Space Opera Names

  • Space Opera Names

  • Spoken from the Twilight of the Garden

    The names that carry themselves in mystical winds through the forests and gardens to the furthest galaxies.

  • Spunky Boy Names

    Sometimes clunky, mostly old, and generally eccentric boy names for a feisty boy!

  • Star Trek Names

    Going where no baby has gone before.

  • Stardust and Moonbeams

    Names for an astral baby.

  • Stars, Snow and Christmas!

    Christmas names!

  • Stereotypical Straight White Male Names

    Give your kids these names and they will surely become privileged, ignorant, racist, homophobic, and sexist !

  • Strange but Wonderful Names

    List of names I love or like that are kind of strange or uncommon

  • stripper names

    Not your average stripper names... monikers beyond "candi" and "honey"

  • Strong Female Names

    Names that will give any girl confidence in life and take her everywhere she wants to go.

  • Strong Feminine Names for possible only child

    Feminine names that command respect.

  • Strong, Unusual and Cool

    With boys names, i don't think you can go as 'out there' as you can with girls, but i like to stretch the boundries!

  • Stunning Names For Girls

    Head-turning gasp worthy names fit for royalty. All these names roll off the tongue and have a "shimmeringly lovely" quality to them. These names make you think twice about the name and the person owning it. For an unearthly beautiful heroine or your next little princess.

  • Substantial and Poetic Names

    This is a list of classic names that are either out of circulation or underused. They are beautifully unique and will give your baby a strong, significant sense of character. Some of the names seem a bit big or heavy but each can be nicknamed in adorable ways that I will describe. Nicknames give a feeling of being a special insider in a family--especially if your family is large. Nicknames also help produce a myriad of self-expressions and playful confidence.

  • Suggestions

  • Suitable for an earth sign- taurus, virgo or capricorn -baby

    Inspired by astrology. I'm a taurus :)

  • Super Feminine Names

    The most girlie names... that I love.

  • Supernatural Names

    Names used in the show :)

  • Surfer Names

  • SURPRISE! He is a SHE!

    Names for a unique, beautiful, strong little woman.

  • Sushi Names

    Probably for pets

  • Sweet Girls' Names

    Girls names that are sweet, natural and a breath of fresh air. Mostly inspired by nature.

  • T- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • T- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Tasty Names

    Good enough to eat!

  • Thats what I want to name my kids


    A list of names I absolutely love.

  • The Big Bang Theory

  • The Classics

  • The Fault in Our Stars Names

    The Fault in Our Stars is a touchingly wonderful book written by author John Green. It is loved by many, and I can definitely see their names rising in popularity.

  • The Hoarder's List of Names

    Declan, Draven, Fraser, Fletcher <3 Here are the many names I've come to love....

  • The Magical and Mystical

    The quirkier side to my list - mythical, magical names

  • the most beautiful feminine names

    Romantic, elegant, lacy and lissome names that are full of feminine charm and poetic appeal. Ethereal and exotic names are also beautiful for a lovely baby girl.

  • The Name Behind the Name

    Not so normal names with familiar nicknames, for those of us who don't like to be normal but know going against the flow isn't always easy.

  • The Nereids

    Greek mythological sea nymphs, patrons of sailors and fishermen. The 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris who live in a cave at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. Some are a bit much for a modern woman, but quite suitable for a ship or an adventurous middle name. Source:

  • The Short List

  • The Thomasina list

    These are feminine variations of popular male names. If Olivia, Alexandra, and Victoria, then why not:

  • The unnamed baby

    Timeless and unique names

  • The Upper-Crustiest (Boys)

    So British, they're practically Wodehousian.

  • The Wonderful World of Twilight

    Boys & Girls

  • The Wonders of Nature

  • There's Only One...

    The following are names that belong to someone who made history (good or bad), and really, there's only one of them. So it's not such a good idea to name your child any of these...they may or may not have a lot to live up to.

  • Third child....but what name??i need help!!

    I have two sons,Caelan Alexander,I love that name,and Jayden Thomas Edward,Caelan named Jayden,and middle names were after my dad and grandfather,both of whom passed away.I have no clue where to even start with a third name.I'm unsure of gender.and I like Kylie,Jaylie and Malliyah for a girl,with the middle name Alleannah.I like Kieran,Owen and Kyle for a boy,but I'm totally unsure of these names..I want to find one that sounds good with my boys names.Both their names are 6 letters,2 syllables,but That doesn't really matter,It's not a naming theme..any suggestions???

  • Timeless and Pretty Names

    Names that sound beautiful on babies, children, adults, and the elderly.

  • Titans

    The twelve elder gods who ruled the cosmos before the Olympians came to power. They were the children of the Earth and Sky: Gaia and Ouranos. source:

  • Too Cute to Function

    A list of precious names that are as cute as a newborn baby panda bear.

  • Too Hip To Quit

    Are you and your partner just too cool to name your baby "Jeff" or "Anne", but you have no idea what sort of names could convey the utter hipness your baby will ooze once he or she is born? Have no fear! Here you will find the most unusual, hippest, musical, colorful, folky, and quirkiest names to name your too cool for school baby.

  • Top Choices


  • Top Names

    Our favorite full names

  • Tough Lawyers

    My taste in boys' names tends to run along two main lines. These are what I consider to be names that project a solidly masculine image that wouldn't look out of place on a name plate on a polished desk or paired with a set of boots. These are names that can easily belong to your lawyer or your son's friend on the basketball team.

  • Tough Names for Strong Girls

    They might not be conventionally pretty by 21st century standards but, if you want a legitimately unique name with a powerful meaning for your darling daughter, consider this list...

  • Tough Word Names

    Ranging from completely normal names to names best left as nicknames or pet names.

  • Traditional Baby Names

  • Trait and Virtue Names

    Virtue, personality trait or aspiration names beyond the old-fashioned Faith, Joy and Charity. Chosen for their meanings.

  • Trashy Names

    Aside from misspelled names, these are names that I, and probably many others, find trashy and/or associate with trashy people.

  • Trendy Names I Actually Like

    I admit to liking some names considered too "trendy". Here they are.

  • Truly Beautiful Names

  • Trusty T's

    Boys & Girls

  • TV Land Names

    Retro names from classic sitcoms such as Charlies Angels, Bewitched, and The Brady Bunch.

  • Twinning

    We are expecting twin girls, and I would love my Berries advice on names. We are looking for strong, unique and slightly whimsical names. Their brother is Scott Koa, so anything that goes with that. Although we are not married to S names (or even matching first letter) most of the ones we are drawn to end up being that. Some fresh inspo please!

  • U- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Ultimate Name List

    A list including a refreshing combination of royal, classic, elegant, historical, and modern options. These are combos that I would consider for my future kids. :)

  • Uncommon Welsh Names

    Some of my favorite uncommon names of Welsh origin.

  • Unexpected -a endings

    If you must fall into the short, -a ending girl name rank, be daring!

  • Unexpected Girl Names

    A list of names for girls that are whimsical, hip, creative, unexpected, and very original

  • Unique Hollywood Names

    I'm a huge movie buff and love a lot of tv too. Lately I've thought of several names that, surprisingly, are not common (yet?)

  • Unique K Names

  • Unique Names for Boys

    Looking for something different? Try one of these.

  • Unique, Unusual & Celebrity baby names Part II List Made By Romy Marylou Amber

    The baby names I love the most Names I made MYSELF and OTHER names i LOVE

  • Unisex Names

    Non-gendered baby names.

  • Unnamed List

  • Unusual and Awesome names

    Names that are unpopular with awesome sounds that I think I couldn't name my kids but would be original and awesome names to have

  • Unusual and On-Trend

  • Unusual Baby Names

    Unique names

  • Unusual Favorites~ Boys

    "To name a child is to swaddle him/her with meaning."

  • Unusual Favorites~ Girls

    "To name a child is to swaddle him/her with meaning." Virtue middle names are also cute:

  • Unusual Names Used by European Aristocrats

  • Uppercrusty British


  • Urban Fantasy Girls

    For girls with a fire in their heart, flowers in their hair, Doc Martens on their feet, and thick-rimmed glasses hiding their eyes.

  • V- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • V- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Vaughan Williams

  • Vegetables Names

    If flowers and now fruit names are popular, why not vegetable names? Flowers are sweet-smelling, and fruits are sweet-tasting, but is the bad rep that vegetables carry? They are nutritionally healthy for you, they're the basic component for any salad, or any meal for that matter. And some of these names could work for your little asparagus.

  • Vibrant V's

    Boys & Girls

  • Victorian Girls Names

    Here are some of my favourite names that were used in the Victorian era. There are also some that have Victorian imagery and some are even taken from my own family tree.

  • Vintage Femmes

  • Vintage loves

  • Vintage Nickname Names

    Nickname names are becoming very popular. And while the full versions of these names may seem dated, these nicknames are ready for a revival.

  • Vintage-y names outside Ella, Olivia, and Audrey

    lovely, delicate, and timeless

  • Virtuous Names: Saintly and Holy

    This is a list of names stemming from Christian virtues, although most can be seen as virtues for all people. Many of these names originated as Puritan names, while others are unused words that give off that same sort of demeanor. To see more names like this, look at, where many Puritan names can be found.

  • W- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • W- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Wacky Word Names

    Many names originated as words; some are just kookier than others. Here are some fun word names from the English Language.

  • Warrior Princess Names

    Names with poise and bad guy kicking meanings...

  • Watch out Ladies

    A blog about beauty, fashion, clothing and many more. Tips, advices and suggestions for ladies.

  • Wealthy Girls' Names

    These names always seem to be the names of people in a rich-type of family-maybe your baby will bring some luck!

  • Wealthy W's

    Boys & Girls

  • Welsh and Celtic

    Names that are Welsh and Celtic/Gaelic sounding. They have the most wonderful meanings.

  • Welsh Mythology

    The heroes, gods and goddesses from Welsh mythology. Most (not all) are from the medieval Mabinogion. source: Bullfinch's Mythology by Thomas Bullfinch &

  • What I would name my daughters

    If I had a daughter, I would chose from these names, they are so cute.

  • What's in a name?

    Standing out as a name...Word names, occupational names, surnames, nicknames, place names, etc.

  • Why do bad names happen to good people?

    This is purely my opinion and a bit of a joke.

  • Why not make it a dozen? Top 12 favorites

  • Wildflowers

    ladies and gentlemen

  • Witch Names

    At least, *I* think they sound witchy.

  • Witch Names

    Names suitable for fictional witches and warlocks.

  • Witchy

  • Word Name Favorites

    I can't explain why I love word names... I guess it's just the immediate image or feeling that comes with it and how it can be different for everyone who hears it. But the same can be said for regular names. This could be good or bad, but here are my favorites.

  • Writing Related Word Names

  • WTF please no

    Please, do not name your kid this. Trust me

  • X, Y, & Z

    The rogue and rakish; sophisticated; dignified. And just plain zany. =]

  • X, Y, and Z- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification.

  • X, Y, and Z- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Youthful Y's


  • Zesty Z's

    Boys & Girls

  • Zodiac Baby Names

    Names inspired by the different star signs!

  • Zombies!!!!!

  • ·My Boys·

    A nickname lover's list of different but brilliant names and middle names for every type of boy.

  • ·My Girls·

    A nickname lover's list of different but beautiful names and middle names for every type of girl.