11 Names // Roald Dahl Wonders

Eleven of the more usable names from the world of Roald Dahl. I think Fleshlumpeater is a bit too 'out there' for even the most daring namers. - Created by Whirligig

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  • Agatha

    From 'Matilda'. The mean headmistress of Crunchem Hall that could make a good 'so clunky it is cute' kind of name.

  • Alfie

    From 'Esio Trot' The tortoise that wouldn't grow. It is popular in England.

  • Augustus

    From 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. For if August is too popular.

  • Bruce

    From 'Matilda'. Perfect if your child is likely to love chocolate cake.

  • Charlie

    From 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator'. A perky nickname for Charles popular in England.

  • Danny

    From 'Danny Champion of the World'. A name you don't hear often anymore.

  • Hortensia

    From 'Matilda'. The girl that warned Matilda and Lavender about Miss Trunchbull. A clunky name but maybe the -sia- ending redeems that.

  • Lavender

    From 'Matilda'. A seldom used floral name.

  • Matilda

    From 'Matilda'. She is intelligent, quirky, friendly and has superpowers. Need I say anymore?

  • Sophie

    From 'The BFG'. It would make a lovely middle name for a more 'out there' name.

  • Victor

    From 'Danny Champion of the World'. Mr Victor Hazell was the nasty, rich man that owned a lot of pheasants.