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America’s Favorite Baby Names

What are America‘s Favorite Baby Names?  Not the top names on the Social Security List, not even Nameberry’s own favorites, but the most well-liked names chosen by popular opinion.

Recently we collaborated with Huffington Post Parents to create a brackets challenge, asking readers to vote for America‘s Favorite Baby Name.  We picked the 16 contenders for each sex from the ranks of Nameberry favorites, pitting Henry against James, Scarlett vs. Charlotte, Hudson against River (how could we resist?).

Through a series of elimination rounds, thousands of parents voted for their favorites.  And today we have the winners!  Read on to find out which the finalists were, and the identity of America‘s favorite baby names.


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Aiden is an old Irish name that means "fiery" and was virtually unknown in the U.S. until the advent of actor Aidan Quinn and boyfriend Aidan on "Sex & the City." Now it's heading, with the Aiden spelling, toward the top of the list -- but it's not the America's favorite baby name winner.

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