Polish variation of Catherine

Katarzyna Origin and Meaning

The name Katarzyna is girl's name .
Countless notable figures from Polish history, and one America's Next Top Model contestant, have used this version of Catherine, made extra spicy by that "zy." Those interested in honoring a relative with the name might want to consider Kasia, Katazyna's lovely (and much more English-friendly) nickname.

Katarzyna Popularity

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Famous People Named Katarzyna

  • Katarzyna Strusinskabirth name of Kasia Struss, Polish supermodel
  • Katarzyna DolinskaPolish,American model, contestant on "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 10
  • Katarzyna "Kasia" KowalskaPolish pop rock singer
  • Katarzyna "Kasia" Nosowskalead singer of Polish rock band Hey
  • Katarzyna Anna "Kasia" SmutniakPolish actress and model
  • Katarzyna "Kasia" MaderaBritish TV journalist
  • Katarzyna PiterPolish tennis player
  • Katarzyna KawaPolish tennis player
  • Katarzyna HallPolish education minister
  • Katarzyna PawłowskaPolish cyclist
  • Katarzyna WoźniakPolish speed skater
  • Katarzyna KozyraPolish video artist
  • Katarzyna BachledaCuruś, Polish Olympic speed skater
  • Katarzyna FiguraPolish actress
  • Katarzyna "Kasia" BaranowskaPolish Olympic swimmer
  • bl. Katarzyna Celestyna FaronPolish virgin, martyr, nun
  • Katarzyna AnkudowiczPolish actress
  • Katarzyna Weronika BorowiczMiss Polonia 2004
  • Katarzyna Aleksandra BujakiewiczPolish actress
  • Katarzyna Elżbieta (Kasia) CerekwickaPolish singer
  • Katarzyna CichopekPolish actress
  • Katarzyna CynkePolish actress
  • Katarzyna DąbrowskaPolish actress and singer
  • Katarzyna DowborPolish TV presenter
  • Katarzyna GajgałAnioł , Polish volleyball player
  • Katarzyna GaertnerPolish composer
  • Katarzyna GlinkaPolish actress
  • Katarzyna GniewkowskaKępka, Polish actress
  • Katarzyna GroniecPolish singer
  • Katarzyna HermanPolish actress
  • Katarzyna JamrózPolish actress
  • Katarzyna Zofia (Kasia) KlichPolish singer
  • Katarzyna KolendaZalewska, Polish journalist
  • Katarzyna MaciągPolish actress
  • Katarzyna PakosińskaPolish cabaret artist
  • Katarzyna (Kayah) RoooyensPolish singer
  • Katarzyna Ewa SkowrońskaDolata, Polish volleyball player
  • Katarzyna SkrzyneckaPolish singer and actress
  • Katarzina Liwskaactress
  • Katarzina Ewa Dolata SkowronskaEuropean athlete
  • Katarzyna IwanowskaPolish rhythmic gymnast

Katarzyna in Pop Culture

  • Katarzyna Estatea winery in Bulgaria
  • Katarzynacharacter in Lauren Belfer's novel "City of Light"
  • Katarzynacharacter in Joan M. Wolf's "Someone Named Eva"