Feminine form of Roman family name Tullius, meaning unknown
"mountain peak, a Libra, or to be tranquil"

Tullia Origin and Meaning

The name Tullia is a girl's name of Irish, Latin origin.
The unusual and intriguing Tullia has been used since Roman times as a feminine of the illustrious family name Tullius, as in philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero. Modern parents who like Tallulah or Lillia but want something even more unusual would do well to consider the nearly-unknown Tullia, which may also be varied to Tulia, rhyming with Julia.

Tullia may be shortened to Tully, more properly an Irish surname with a range of possible meanings.

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Famous People Named Tullia

  • Tullia Ciceronisdaughter of the Roman orator Cicero
  • Tullia d'AragonaItalian courtesan and poet
  • Tullia MagriniItalian anthropologist
  • Tullia Minorlast queen of pre,Republican Rome
  • Tullia ZeviItalian journalist

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