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Gender: F Meaning of Cytherea: "from the island of Cythera" Origin of Cytherea: Greek

Cytherea, a place-name that is the home of Aphrodite, seems stuck in ancient Greece.

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Famous People Named Cytherea

Cytherea (born Cassieardolla Story), American adult film actress
Cytharea, pen name of poet Anne Finch

Pop Culture References for the name Cytherea

Cytherea Graye, heroine of Thomas Hardy's "Desperate Remedies" (1871)
"I had seen her name on a bag at the station and wondered what she would be like – Cytherea! A lovely name, anyhow." [H. G. Wells, "Brynhild," 1937]
Epithet of Aphrodite, taken from the name of the island Cythera, which was sacred to her.
"The Embarkation for Cythera," a Rococo painting by Watteau.
Possibly related to the French name Quitterie. Saint Quiteria is sometimes depicted as a sword-wielding guerrilla fighter.