Roman mythology
"grove or light"

Lucina Origin and Meaning

The name Lucina is girl's name meaning "grove or light".
Lucina, deriving from Latin lucus "grove" and also associated with lux "light", is an epithet given in Roman mythology to the goddess Juno (and sometimes also Diana) in her role as goddess of childbirth. A stately and unusual route to Lucy, more delicate than Lucinda.

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Famous People Named Lucina

  • Saint Lucinaearly Roman martyr
  • Lucina Courser BroadwellAmerican murder victim

Lucina in Pop Culture

  • LucinaRoman goddess of childbirth
  • Originally a derivative of Latin lucusmeaning "grove," but the Romans themselves soon associated it with lux "light" since it was the name of the goddess of childbirth, "she who brings into the light." Hora lucina was a term used to mean "natal hour," i.e. the first hour after birth. Commonly used by the Romans. Used in the English,speaking world since the 17th century.
  • Lucinawife to Maximus in John Fletcher's play "Valentinian" (1647)
  • Lucina Merrittwife of the titular Jerome Edwards in "Jerome" (1897) by Mary E. Wilkins
  • Lucinacharacter in "Fire Emblem: Awakening"