Hungarian diminutive of Alexander
"defending men"

Sandor Origin and Meaning

The name Sandor is a boy's name of Hungarian origin.
Despite a possible pronunciation problem, a pleasant, unusual choice. Sandor Clegane (nicknamed The Hound) is a major character on Game of Thrones.

Sandor Popularity

20 Names Similar to Sandor

Famous People Named Sandor

  • Sandor PetofiHungarian poet and revolutionary
  • Sandor FerencziHungarian psychoanalyst and Freud associate
  • Sandor Wekerle19th century prime minister of Hungary
  • Sandor KocsisHungarian footballer
  • Sandor TorghelleHungarian footballer
  • Sandor PuhlHungarian football referee
  • Sandor VeghHungarian violinist
  • Sandor MaraiHungarian writer

Sandor in Pop Culture

  • Sandor Cleganecharacter in the Game of Thrones series

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